100th Day Posting Streak!

Today’s a special post!
I’m celebrating a milestone in blogging!

🥳 Yesterday, I finally hit the 100 day posting streak! 🥳

Earlier in the year, one of my 2021 resolutions was to post more. I didn’t originally intend for that to mean pulling a streak in any way. I just wanted to post more; maybe two posts in a week or maybe three posts every two weeks rather than a post here and then who knows when’s the next one. My New Year’s resolution was simple, “Post more often and be consistent about it.”

I pulled a smaller streak sometime before too, ending maybe on the 7th and 8th day; a bit of an accidental string of posts because I was still trying to figure out this whole “consistent posting schedule” thing. I didn’t even actually mean to give it a second try, either. Both streaks came about because I’d gone to check my notifications and WordPress had notified me, “You’re on a 4-day streak on Cozy with Books!” (And both times I said, “I am?!?”)

My first goal was to continue the streak for as long as possible, thinking I’d be bored enough after maybe 10 or 20 days, but when I made it to 30…I tried aiming for a full year instead. Alas, making it to a hundred was hard enough. I do have the rest of this month’s posts planned out (Blogtober, woohoo!) but after November rolls around, I think I’m going to cut the streak and give myself a little reading and blogging break.

Rounding Up My Posts

Post Tallies

Teaser Tuesdays: 11
WWW Weds:12
First Line Fridays: 12
Book Spotlights: 3
BBNYA Spotlights: 6
Book Excerpts: 1
Author Interviews: 1
Book Reviews: 15

Book Tags: 6
Top 3s: 1
Monthly Wrap Ups: 3
Monthly TBRs: 2
Game Reviews: 1
Blog Tours: 1
Chatty Saturdays: 3
Sunday Wrap Ups: 13
Misc/Other Posts: 9

Sunday Wrap Ups

Every Sunday, I would wrap up and list all of the posts I’d published that week. There were 13 in total, for the 14 weeks:

July 11, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
July 18, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
July 25, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
August 1, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
August 8, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
August 15, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
August 22, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
September 5, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
September 12, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
September 19, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
September 26, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
October 3, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up
October 10, 2021: Week’s Wrap Up

Favorite Posts

I have a handful of posts that I particularly liked, but these are my top favorite posts for both their content/subject and how much fun I had writing them:

First interview: Author Interview: Nathan Timmel

Favorite listicle: Sci-Fi: Cyberpunk Books I Want To Read

When I found myself a new [pair] of auto-buy and favorite authors: Book Review: Sons of Valor by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson

Celebrating hitting my 10 NetGalley Reviews: Top 3: NetGalley Reads

When I’d gone and pulled a few annotated tabs to share: Current Reads: Reactions Post

(Following that) When I shared my tabbing method: How I Tab My Books

When I got bored and had some spare craft supplies: TBR Game: The TBR Bucket

Loving a game so much that I posted my first ever game review (on a book blog): Game Review: Death Palette by SleepingMuseum

Favorite read of the year, maybe in the last few years!: Book Review: Dragon Mage by M.L. Spencer

Discussing some favorite authors and auto-buy authors: Chatty Saturday: Auto-buy Authors

And that’s that! Thank you for joining me in my little celebration and thank you for your support. I couldn’t have done it without you all ❤


8 thoughts on “100th Day Posting Streak!

    • Oh thank you John!! I did have to sacrifice somethings like less time to play games and stuff so I’m going to cut it off in November so I can spend more time with family.
      But thanks so much ❤

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  1. […] Thursday: Instead of a tag or throwback post, this Thursday I’m celebrating having reached my 100 days of posting streak on WordPress! I spent a long time during my long weekend, last week, looking for all my posts, gathering all the banners, tallying up the different types of posts, and creating that image on Canva (they’re the post banners in order!) I had fun though and I forgot to celebrate with a mug of tea Wednesday (made up for it on Friday though!)Post: 100th Day Posting Streak! […]


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