Week’s Wrap Up

This week in life

Last week, I was a little behind at work, but I finally caught up and oh boy was I excited. My manager even proposed I celebrate!

So naturally, I broke out the good tea leaves ❤

Other than that, this week was somewhat dull. There was no deep cleaning or going anywhere (besides work). I had planned to start and even finish the BBNYA excerpts, but I barely got around to reading my current read, let alone anything else. I did have a lot of fun on Thursday when my cousin, her kids (my niece and nephew) and my other cousin, stopped by our house. I was working [from home] for most of their visit, but their presence really helped break up the monotony of the shift.

Then, on Twitter, Thursday, I had thrown up a little tweet asking if anyone wanted to be featured on Cozy with Books. I’ve left links on tons of writer’s lifts, blog lifts, and comments (lift?) in the past. For such an amazing community, I figured it was high time to give back. If you’re interested, feel free to leave a link as well! Authors, publishers, bookish content creators, whatever! Throw down a link so I can share the love that’s been shown and given to me!

The links post is going up next Saturday.

I also made myself a little Beacons page. I guess, in retrospect, maybe my week wasn’t as boring as I thought, huh? Beacons is so much more colorful than LinkTree and I’m liking it a lot so far! Would you believe me if I told you I spent several hours picking out the right theme? Because I did.

This week in posts (this makes for my 20th day posting streak!)

I started this week off with a book review. Last week, I finished reading Sons of Valor by Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson. I had broken it up across multiple work shifts because, for me, audiobooks are my work buddies. Despite a few small flaws (terms, slang, and acronyms flying over my head), I loved the book so much that I ended up buying the first book of the previous series Tier One.

On Tuesday, I followed the book review up with the usual bookish meme, a Teaser Tuesday post. After finishing up Sons of Valor, I had an empty feeling in my heart. I’m still new to audiobooks so my TBR list for them is sparse and book to book. If I finish one, I’d have to hunt down another one before my next in-office shift (at home, I can just listen to Youtube). I was pretty tired that day and mistook the audio excerpts button for the listen now button. My little happy mistake gave me what I needed to post for Tuesday and I even have an upcoming review for it! It was short and sweet and I’m more glad, of my little oops, than anything else.

Wednesday came the WWW wrap up post for the week. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m so behind on Tomorrow’s End that I’m a little worried about my next WWW, but hey, that’s next week Esther’s problem. As mentioned above, I finished True Loaf and Sons of Valor this week and still reading Tomorrow’s End. My plan for my next read is the next up Virgil Flowers book, Deadline by John Sandford, but I maaay take a break from books just to spend some time with the excerpts. Again, that’s next week me’s problem.

Once again, just as with last Thursday, I was struggling to come up with a Thursday post and, just like last week, my lovely friend, Danni, came in a pinch and I ended up with another tag post. This time, it was the Fantasy Tropes Book Tag and I had a blast with it. I think I’m going to spend a bit of time, today, to go read some other book tags out there and hope to return the favor for the upcoming Thursday 😉

For Friday, I had another bookish meme and it was the First Lines Friday post of this week. It was a nice little way to end the work week, but I barely registered it going up and the tweet going out because I was ever slightly frantically getting as much done as possible at work. It’s actually a book from the living room bookcases and I can’t recall its origins. It’s just a book we’ve always had in our possessions, but where we got it is a mystery. It’s a thriller so maybe I’ll get around to reading it one day.

My Saturday post came out of nowhere. I started a little “blog post ideas” note in my phone and yesterday’s post was actually supposed to be “Favorite places to read” but seeing as I purchased Tier One on Tuesday, ordered Rainbow Six which arrived in the post on Friday, and purchased Weapons Grade on Friday as well, I ended up making a book haul post instead.

Did you have an interesting week? How’s your upcoming week looking?

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