Review Policy


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read through my review policy!
I’m always happy to review your book for you and grateful you would consider my humble little blog ❀

If you would like to request for a review, you can email me at or just click β†’ HERE! ←

I work full time as an accountant. If I do not respond to your email in a timely fashion (2-3+ weeks), please accept this as a polite decline. I may be busy and may not have reached your email on time. In that case, I’m afraid it would mean that the turn around for your review to be posted would take a long time anyway, and I wouldn’t want you to wait that long! Please accept my thanks for your understanding.

Reviews get posted to this blog first, then Goodreads, NetGalley (if applicable), and then shared to social medias: Twitter & Instagram and occasionally some other SM platforms as well (Facebook, Tumblr, etc.).

STATUS: I am currently closed for requests.

What I Offer:

  • Book Reviews
  • Blog Tours
  • Excerpts Posts
  • Spotlight Posts
  • Author Q&As/Interviews
  • Beta Reads (See minor notes below)


  • Traditional Publishing
  • Small press, Self Pubs, & Indies (Preferred)
  • Physicals (Preferred) – I do prefer hard copies, but I understand that it can be quite a bit more expensive, so I also accept:
  • eBooks (must be Kindle compatible)


I read and review a wide arrange of books on this blog, but when it comes to requests, I am currently only accepting the below:

  • Fiction & Adult books:
    • Police Procedurals
    • Legal Thrillers
    • Forensic Thrillers
    • Mystery Thrillers
    • Science Fiction (in subgenres: space opera, sci-fi military thrillers, dystopian, [post]/apocalypse, cyberpunk)
    • Military Fiction/Thrillers
    • Action

Star Rating

My ratings are based on my opinions and can be subjective and/or objective. I no longer provide star ratings on my blog but I do still put them up on external sites such as Goodreads, NetGalley, and Amazon. I also kept the star ratings up for my older reviews. For those external sites and my older posts, here’s the star gauge I go by:

𝟝 – Absolutely loved it. Shoving it down everyone’s throats. Book hangover.
𝟜 – Really enjoyed the book. Post-book buzzes.
πŸ› – A good book. Liked some parts, disliked some.
𝟚 & πŸ™ – The lines between 2 & 1 get a bit blurred. I didn’t really enjoy the book or it had a great deal of problems or had content that just didn’t sit right with me.

𝔻ℕ𝔽 – I do not review/rate books if I DNF them.

Last Edited: 02 January 2023 (Edit Notes: Grammar fixes, Removal of Blog Star System)


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