My Reviews and My Review Policy

This page is for book review requests. If you are looking for beta reading requests, click β†’ HERE ←


If you are contacting me in regards to a review request for your novel, I think you are due a big ol’ round of applause and congratulations first!! You worked long and hard on your book and it’s time to celebrate!! Give yourself a pat on the back (shoulder?) and enjoy some virtual cake 🍰! Your hard work has paid off and I’m so very happy for you πŸ₯³

Table of Contents

DisclaimerMinor Notes
Preferences/AcceptingNot Accepting
Cross PostingGeneral Review Layout
Star Ratings How to Request


General Disclaimer: I am not a professional editor, reviewer, or publisher. I read and write reviews on a hobby basis.

Links/Affiliation/Photo Credit Disclaimer: Sometimes, on my reviews or even other blog posts, I may link to another site [Goodreads, Amazon, etc.]. If I do so, it is for ease of access for the readers. Please note that I am not affiliated in any way with Amazon or other bookstores/book shops.

Opinions Are My Own: All of my reviews are my opinion. I reserve the right to share my full, honest, and fair opinions of a book. By requesting a review from me, you are acknowledging that the review may be negative, though I promise to be fair and respectful (you put your hard work into it after all!)

Timing: I cannot promise you that a review will be posted by a certain deadline. Sometimes, life gets in the way of reading (unfortunately). However, I will always try to adhere to a deadline to the best of my abilities.

DNF: I reserve the right to not finish a book! This could be for a multitude of reasons such as lack of time (if I go past a time-frame), disinterest midway through, or any other reasons. I rarely DNF but that doesn’t mean I never do.

Minor Notes

  • I do not charge for reviews. I run this blog as a hobby.
  • If I do not respond to your email, please forgive me and please accept this as a polite decline. I may be busy and may not have reached your email on time. Please accept my thanks for your understanding β™₯

Publishing & Book Types

  • Traditional
  • Self-Published & Indie
  • Physical Copies
  • Ebooks (And any format that I can convert to be Kindle compatible) No PDFs


  • Mystery (Fiction) as below:
    • Private Investigators (PI)/Detective/Amateur Sleuths
    • Police Procedurals
    • Forensics
    • Cozy Mysteries
    • Murder Mysteries
    • Mystery Thrillers
  • Science Fiction as below:
    • Cyberpunk
    • Alien Invasion
    • Apocalypse/Post-Apocalypse
    • Dystopian

I am currently not accepting any genres other than the ones listed above. I mostly go for adult fiction. I may consider YA, but I do not accept middle grade & children books.

Outside of my blog, I will also post to Goodreads, Pinterest, NetGalley (if applicable), and if requested, Amazon. I may also post and share my book reviews on social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I try to adhere to the same rough layout for all of my reviews. You can expect a book cover, some book info, content & trigger warnings, disclaimers, summary/blurb, thoughts & opinions (the actual review), and ratings. I may occasionally include quotes and a TLDR section or anchors (if the review gets too long)

My ratings are based on my opinions and can be subjective and/or objective. I highly suggest letting the written review be the reflection of my thoughts, but I do use them to provide a general graphic of my overall feelings:

β˜•β˜•β˜•β˜•β˜• – I loved the book to bits and pieces. I’m probably going to wake up with a book hangover and feel empty for a while after finishing it. It’s a book that is going to stick with me for quite a while.

β˜•β˜•β˜•β˜• – It was a really good book that I truly enjoyed. A solid read and a book I would recommend. I probably cried and/or screamed throughout the read.

β˜•β˜•β˜• – It was a good book. There are some things I liked and some I didn’t like, but the overall feeling would be good.

β˜•β˜• and β˜• – The lines between 2 & 1 get a bit blurred. I didn’t really enjoy the book or it had a great deal of problems or had content that just didn’t sit right with me.

Half Stars – I do give half marks if I’m especially stuck between two ratings.

You can email me β†’ HERE ←
You can submit a form β†’ HERE ←

If you are sending me an email please include the below:

  • Your name and book title
  • Short blurb
  • Genre
  • Any required to read/post by dates
  • Format you can provide
  • And if you have any social media, author website, or Goodreads link you’d like me to check out.

Last Edited: 05 July 2021

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