Made of 60% Tea, 30% Panic, and 10% Coffee

Welcome to Cozy with Books!

My name is Esther! An accountant by day and bookworm by night. Throw in a bit of gaming, tea, coffee, and perpetual anxiety, you’ll have a entire Esther! Sshh…it’s a secret recipe 😉

A quarter century human who enjoys burying herself in books…no no not the reading, just under them…a pile of them. Buying books is a whole separate hobby to reading them, ya know. Pro retail therapy 100%!

I started Cozy with Books back in 2020 when all of my friends started their own little “quarantine projects” and I was left behind in the dust, rolling around the mud in boredom. I wanted to do a little something and enjoyed writing, but never quite had it in me to pull a decent piece of fiction so I figured, the next best thing to write was probably reviews!

I try to keep Cozy diverse with some weekly bookish memes, but I mostly review on this site.

My favorite books are mystery thrillers. I could lie and say that during my time of “trying to expand my reading genres” that I’d found myself a new favorite genre, but nothing beats the thrill and rush of a detective chasing empty clues leading to nowhere only to catch the criminal because of a hair thread of a lead.

Here’s a few quick links around my blog!

Review Policy (Currently Close) Sorry!! Just until I get through my current backlog. 4/30/21

Review Request Form

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Contacts Page

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