Cozy with Books


Week’s Wrap Up

Another weekly wrap up! This marks my 3rd weekly wrap up in a row and my 20th posting streak! Where’s my tea? I need to celebrate!

Book Haul

Feeling bad? Time to visit the deals section and find yourself some books. Retail therapy is great for your mood! Not the best for your wallet, but hey! Look at all the happy hormones!


Happy Friday! This week went by much slower than the last, but I somehow did much less reading!I’m hoping that I can fit in some more reading into this weekend. Today’s lines come from a book I have owned for a long long time. I don’t even know where this…

The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag

Happy Thursday morning!Today’s post is going to be another book tag! I was tagged by the lovely Danni over at For Books Sake! Make sure you give her blog a visit too 💯Thank you Danni for the tag ❤ 1 – The Lost Princess – A book/series you lost interest…

WWW Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and that means it’s time for WWW Wednesday!

Teaser Tuesday

I’m clumsy everywhere I go and this week’s Teaser Tuesday features my latest little accident, a happy accident.

Week’s Wrap Up

Today’s post is a wrap up of this week in life and in posts! I’ve managed to keep a 12 day streak so I’m challenging myself to see how far I can go.

First Lines Friday

Today’s lines come from a book that I’ve recently added to my TBR when it went on sale (free) on Amazon. I actually saw it when the author had tweeted about it that day and then I discovered the free section of Amazon book deals.

WWW Wednesday

As someone who is a relatively slow reader, my WWWs are generally far in between and with each one I hit, I feel like I’ve accomplished something golden.

Teaser Tuesday

Monday’s been conquered and now the lull of the rest of the week starts.I’ve a relative layout and “schedule” of which books I want to read in what order for the upcoming few months and today’s Teaser Tuesday is the first one up. It’s got the most impressive cover I’ve…

Spotlight: Shadow Stained by: Rachel Hobbs

To start of this week; today’s post is a spotlight for Shadow Stained by Rachel Hobbs! It is the 1st book to the Stones of Power series with the 2nd book releasing this year!

Week’s Wrap Up

It’s been an eventful week so for today’s post, I’m wrapping it up and reviewing everything that’s happened in the past few days!

Sci-Fi: Cyberpunk Books I Want To Read

I’ve been in a cyberpunk mood lately…and while I’ve had other obsessions and moods, it’s never lasted this long. I went on a TBR hunt and fell into a rabbit hole with this list as a result.

Author Interview: Nathan Timmel

Last week, I showcased Nathan Timmel’s We Are 100 as a spotlight and a review. Since then, I had the opportunity to do a written interview with him and get to know him a little better!

Teaser Tuesday

Today’s Teaser Tuesday is a book that I keep saying I’m going to start, but never do and now I’m finally deep in it (and have even shed my first tear over already). Can you guess this week’s teaser book?

Mid-Year Wrap Up 2021

Can you believe it’s already July?!?
Today’s post is going to be just for that! Half a year has gone and passed so I figured it’s only fitting to make the first wrap up, in a long time, the half year wrap up!

The Blogger Recognition Award

Another tag post for Book Tag Thursday! Thursday means that we are ALMOST there to the weekend. It’s so close, I could touch it…! Today’s tag post is for The Blogger Recognition Award! I was thrilled to wake up to a notification that I had been nominated by the lovely…

Spotlight: We Are 100 by Nathan Timmel

Having finished the book at 11pm tonight, I never got to the review. I guess that’ll be for next post. So, in lieu of the review that’s to come, enjoy the spotlight for “We Are 100” by Nathan Timmel

Three Bookish Things Tag

Hallo hallo to you lovely lovelies! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Book Tag Thursday! I can’t remember my last tag, so I’m super excited to do these next two and for my first one, it’s the Three Bookish Things Tag! I was tagged by the awesome Danni…

First Lines Fridays

If anyone caught my tweet a few days ago regarding a book with the lines from Baby Shark in it, you’ll know what book today’s First Line Friday is based on!

July 2021

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