Week’s Wrap Up

Hey! I somehow managed to string together 12 days of posting. I think that’s a personal record!

This week in life:

It’s been a fairly busy work week with deadlines for financials and home life has been just about as busy.

I spent the entire yesterday cleaning, and this time, I was even motivated enough to take everything down (including all of the 80+ rubber ducks I own) gave every duck a little scrub to get the dust off, wiped down the shelves on my bookcase, and ran over most of the books with an alcohol wipe. I ended up reorganizing my shelf so that all of my books were on one shelf and the other stuff (binders, craft papers, etc) and ducks on the other shelf. Unfortunately, I ran out of duck room and all of the 16 winter themed ducks ended up back on the main book shelf. I even ended up fixing up my nightstand and threw some of my current read books there too.

I’d say, my weekend has been fairly productive and pleasant so far (minus the tornado warning that I was not expecting) and I even managed to get some reading in after a 4 day reading slump!

Some of my ducks. I have 16 winter/Xmas ducks that went to the book shelf along with 6 other random ones.
Most of them are gifts from my brother ❤

This week in posts:

I started Monday off with a Spotlight for Shadow Stained by Rachel Hobbs. The spotlight was for book 1 in which the 2nd book is to come out later this year!

Of course, I followed that with the usual Teaser Tuesday post. I started the book out confused and honestly, I’m still a little confused. There’s a lot of philosophy and a bit of religion in it and I’m honestly so mindblown and enjoying the book so much that a part of me is (slightly) fearing that the book is “too smart for me.” I sat there in the kitchen last night, tabbing and loudly commentating (and squealing), so reading’s going well for me so far 😂 This is the reason why I never sit and read in the library anymore. I’m too annoying!

I had just finished reading one of the last review request backlogged books last week and it was right on time for a WWW. I’m nearly finished with Sons of Valor and hoping to make it before the next WWW. I might open requests back up, but I think I’m going to take a little bit of time for myself and for BBNYA excerpts first.

Having finished that book for WWW, Thursday’s post was the actual book review for River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America by Alexander Watson. I loved the book and was so happy to finally get to the book review.

For Friday, the last of my 5 posts that I had written and scheduled back last Sunday, I posted this week’s First Line Fridays for a book I recently got for free on Amazon and I’m stoked! I honestly can’t wait to read it and hope that I can get to it before the year ends.

Finally, yesterday’s post was a book tag for the Mid-Year Reading Check In tag. I was tagged by Danni from ForBooksSake and was so happy because I sat in my chair last Sunday wondering, “I have a post for the work week, but what the heck am I going to do for Saturday?” Thanks Danni for tagging me when I was stuck in a creative rut! You’re a mind reader ❤

That’s my week!

With Sons of Valor coming to a close, I’m hoping to keep up my posting streak. I quit last time, about a week in, but this time, I’m challenging myself to keep the streak up for as long as I can!

How was your week? Do you have any nice plans for the upcoming one?

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