Current Reads: Reactions Post

Another Wednesday, but not another WWW. Unfortunately, while I do have a new current read, added on, I still haven’t finished Tomorrow’s End and my next read will still be Deadline and the BBNYA excerpts, so nothing much has changed.

For fear of repetitive content and to gear up for Tomorrow’s End‘s review, today’s post is going to be a non-spoilery reactions post! This is the first time I really got into tabbing up a book (and there will be a future post on my tab/flagging system). Amongst them are flags where I have favorite moments or reactionary flags to note my feelings towards certain scenes/people.

I’m not going to share the context behind any of the reactions. That way, based on my notes and eventual review, you might feel hyped enough to go out and give it a whirl, yourself! (Beware though, this book has been all sorts of gore).

Book Description

Title: Tomorrow’s End (The Path of a Savior #1)
Author: G.R. Morris
Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalypse, Horror
Publisher: Dark Light Publishing
Pages: 425


Do you have free will?
He never asked to be a hero, but the universe didn’t give him a choice.

Kevin Knight never wanted to be the one to save the galaxy. But when tragedy upends his life and demonic forces steal his soul, the fate of time and space are sealed. Until a scaly, trench-coat-clad alien appears and gives him a glimpse into the true nature of all things.

Astounded, Kevin learns the world he knows is merely an illusion created by alien beings who control humanity’s every move. With an invasion imminent, he must defeat the blackness and perfect his powers before the bloody battle begins.

Which prophecy will Kevin fulfill… the one of darkness or the one of light?

This character is wild. Gives me a bit of joker or scary unhinged clown vibes. You know what? She reminds me of Peri from Fire Emblem.

This page is so wild. Call me Aristole…Socrates! Look, even [MC] is confused. [MC] your head hurts? B****, me too! You’re not special! What is even happening?

Bro, what in the matrix?

Damn, talk about a way to go…There’s no resistance. What a gore fest… Like, cutting through butter, if the human race was butter.

Nearly dies, witnesses something awful, is now talking to an alien named Bob, and your only reaction is, “I’m a little freaked out.” A little?!?

*GASP* OMG. What an epic chapter and omg, what amazing imagery. I can almost see the HD visuals in my head!

Did…did that baby just talk? That, born three seconds ago, newborn child…just talk?

Now if you’ll excuse me as I go back to screaming at this book.

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