Book Review: Shock Wave by Al Pessin

Book Review: Shock Wave by Al Pessin

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Today’s post, another point to my NetGalley ratio, the review for Shock Wave by Al Pessin!
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Book Description

Title: Shock Wave
Author: Al Pessin
Edition: NetGalley > Ebook
Length: ~419Pages
Genre/s: Fiction, Military Fiction, Military Thriller, Espionage, Action
Rating: 4 Golden Eggs

Disclaimer: An eBook copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. This did not affect my review, and all opinions are mine.

Blurb (Goodreads)


Vital seaports in Jordan and Israel erupt in fire and destruction. It’s the first strike from a terrorist organization determined to increase hostilities throughout the Middle East. There’s only one way to combat the threat. It’s time for Operation Shock Wave . . .

Saddiq Mohammed al-Assali is America’s most wanted terrorist. His cells in Israeli and the Palestinian territories are ready and eager to usher in a maelstrom of violence between the two nations. Each will blame the other. Iran will be implicated. And the United States will be drawn into yet another Middle Eastern war.

To stop al-Assali, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Bridget Davenport assigns Lieutenant Faraz Abdallah to infiltrate the terrorist’s cabal. But as Faraz uncovers and sabotages al-Assali’s plans one by one, Bridget herself becomes the target—and Faraz must take decisive action in a deadly game of international deceit…


I will admit that for a better part of the first ten chapters, I was a little lukewarm with the book. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the plot, characters, flow, or writing in any particular way, but rather the book just didn’t feel right, like it wasn’t hooking me in enough and I was forcing my way through to get to the next chapter.

I’m glad I stayed on and continued to read though, as things eventually ramp up very hard and very fast. There were times when I found myself gasping or holding my breath because things were getting tense, dangerous, and even a bit emotional. The pacing grew faster and the feeling of, “no turning back” was quickly embedded into the situation. Of the few main POVs, there were two main ones, and both of them involved characters that were in deep trouble. Things could go wrong the very next second only for the chapter to cut, leaving me swimming in thoughts as I open the following one to a different POV.

This is the third book in the series and right off the bat, you can tell that you’re missing some prior events. In this book, we start with Saddiq Mohammed al-Assali, America’s most wanted terrorist, who is given a second and final chance to make up for his failure in his last plan. We Lieutenant Faraz Abdallah, as he infiltrates and goes undercover as a fighter for Assali, so that he can hopefully find out what his next moves are and report them back before it’s too late, causing chaos and catastrophe. A second POV follows the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Bridget Davenport as Faraz’s main contact and supervisor during this mission at least until Bridget becomes a target herself, being unable to defend back from her injuries. There are a couple of other minor POVs too.

Right away, there were a few nudges towards the whole history there, between how Faraz and Bridget knows each other, how Bridget was injured, and what was Assali’s plan and how exactly did he fail in book two to put him in the position that he’s in now. There’s a bit of a summary of all of it, but I would definitely have to go back and check the first two books to fully understand the background between these three characters. Still though, after a while, there’s not too much that’s missed and starting with the third book wasn’t so bad as I had thought. With the exception of the first few chapters, much of the story works itself out in a way where the lost history doesn’t feel as important. I just kept reading on. Things got to a point where I wasn’t even worrying about old events because I was too busy making sure Bridget and Faraz were still alive!

The characters were some of my favorite, especially Faraz as he navigated his way through his own mission and learning as he goes with how the enemy works as he attempted to find a way to phone back every miniscule chance he got to. The ending was kind of bitter-sweet and even though I sort of knew it was coming, it didn’t make it any easier.

This story is incredibly fast-paced and action packed. Stakes are very high when things seem to constantly go wrong and the main characters finds themselves in a bind where they can’t particularly act according to plan, adding to the stress and tense situation. Nail-biting, this book kept me up at night for the last few days until I managed to find a spot where I knew the MCs were safe, for just a moment, so I could get my own shut-eye. Al Pessin is a new author for me, but I will have to give the first two of the Task Force Epsilon series a try in the future. I have high hopes that they’ll supply as much heard-pounding, adrenaline rushing, nerves as Shock Wave has.

4 Shiny Shiny Eggs!


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