Book Spotlight: Wrath of the Land by Oli Jacobs

Happy Wednesday my lovely peeps🐥!
It’s a lovely mid-day of the week and today, I have something special for you.
In lieu of the usual weekly check-in, I’ll be sharing a book spotlight for a release from yesterday!

In today’s bookish feature: The author of BBNYA 2021 finalist, Oli Jacobs, is here with a new release, Wrath of the Land. Stay tuned afterward for I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it, in a review, soon enough!

Title: Wrath of The Land
Author: Oli Jacobs
Genre: Fiction, Horror, Comedy/Humor
Length: 269 Pages
Published: 7th March 2023


Amazon UK – [LINK]
Amazon US – [LINK]
Goodreads – [LINK]
Author Website – [LINK]
Newsletter – [LINK]

In the small town of West Crumb, a lifestyle of shopping and pub visits is disrupted by the discovery of a huge fatberg. What at first seems like a mild inconvenience soon brings mysterious government agencies, an affable cult, and a grotesque pillar stretching far beyond the sky.

“It began, as these things tend to do, with a blocked toilet in West Crumb.”

“”Existence is chaos, Mr Pile. As I’ve told you, the slightest twitch can cause ramifications that are beyond your understanding.”

“A butterfly flaps its wing, yes, I’ve heard of that nonsense.”

“In this case, a butterfly hasn’t flapped. It has grown to the size of a continent and eaten the people there.”

Oli Jacobs is a mad bearded fellow who enjoys croissants. He is best known for Wilthaven, a finalist in the BBNYA 2021 competition. When not writing, he can be found contemplating existence with a cocktail in hand.


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