Three Bookish Things Tag

Three Bookish Things Tag

Hallo hallo to you lovely lovelies!

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Book Tag Thursday!

I can’t remember my last tag, so I’m super excited to do these next two and for my first one, it’s the Three Bookish Things Tag! I was tagged by the awesome Danni over at For Books Sake! Go and give her wonderful blog a visit too! Thank you Danni! This was so much fun! (I sat through a rainy lunch break to write these down!)


  • John Sandford is one of the first authors that I picked up and never put back down. All of his books are my default “slump cures.” I read his Virgil Flowers books in [roughly] linear publishing order and his Prey series completely out of order, but so far, there has yet to be a book that’s disappointed me.
  • Amanda Prowse is my first NetGalley read. Her “The Day She Came Back” brought me to tears and while I am easily emotional with a lot of books, hers was the first to have me crying nearly every chapter. I absolutely adored her storytelling and her characters.
  • Lee Child is another one of my favorite authors. I first came across his “Gone Tomorrow” back in college and it blew it away. It was such a thrilling adventure and I ended up reading a couple of other books in the Jack Reacher series. It’s thanks to him, Sandford, and Patricia Cornwell that Mystery Thrillers became my favorite genre.


  • Vampire Diaries – I vaguely recalled that there was a book on this, but it didn’t really hit me that…THERE ARE BOOKS ON THIS SERIES! At least…not until I started to write this post. I watched the series, with my mother, a few years back and didn’t particularly care for the show, but I do have fond bonding memories of binging this with my mother back when I had the time to do so. However, I highly doubt I will ever actually pick up the written series to read.
  • Sherlocks Holmes – Another one that my mother started to watch, a few years back, so I ended up just sitting down with her. I loved watching this show and particularly loved watching Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlocks.
  • The Lord of the Rings – I watched the movies growing up but never thought about there being books behind the movie (not didn’t know, just wasn’t something I thought about). I had the biggest crush on Legolas (still do) and thought it was just so cool that he was walking on top of snow while everyone waddled their ways through it.


  • Virgil Flowers – Okay look. The VF series is my absolute favorite series of ALL TIME. Why?!? I have NO idea. I simply love it and I can always count on inhaling these books in a couple sittings. I think it’s because I ended up developing a book crush on the protagonist, but I simply love reading any of his books. So, favorite series and favorite book (Shock Wave) brings me to my favorite character. No surprise there!
  • Kiran – The bloodmage from The Shattered Sigil books! He’s adorable and he’s suffered so much. I need to give this poor boy a big hug. Like. A BIG HUG. He needs it, desperately.
  • Jalan – The cowardly prince from the Red Queens War series. He’s a coward and not afraid to admit it, but my favorite thing? His dumb luck! This guy knows he’s a coward but somehow, he’s always doing something that ends up making him look like a brave hero instead and I think it’s absolutely hilarious.


I don’t binge series, not even the Virgil Flowers series. I know that I burn out easily in a lot of things so I’m making sure I don’t saturate a given month with only one series. Even if it’s not related to burn out or boredom, I don’t binge because even the longest of series is only so many books long. I want to make sure I have a sufficient stock of slump-cure books and binging a favorite series would kill my backup 😬


  • I loved botany back in HS (and still do). I was especially enamored by poisonous plants so I ended up buying Wicked Plants and adored the cover. I mean…look at it!
  • The first Omnibus of The Chronicles of the Black Company is badass and I absolutely love it.
  • One of my favorite fantasy series and authors of all time (Riyria – Michael J. Sullivan); While I’ve read a handful of the books, The Rose and the Thorn is my only physical edition. I love seeing (I’m heavily assuming) Royce and Hadrian on the cover.


While my goal for the remainder of the year is simply to read more and post more, I also have a separate post (earlier in the year) just for my goals for 2021. You can see it riggghtt >HERE< !


3 thoughts on “Three Bookish Things Tag

    1. Enjoy the tag! It’s a pretty darn good book! I love me my poisonous plants. Like you’re telling me this fragile lil guy can down big animals and humans because whoops a tiny seed was injested?? -gasspp-


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