August/September 2022 Reading Wrap Up

It’s already mid-September?? And I’m just now putting up my reading wrap up?
Shhhh, nobody has to know I’m late.
Let me just sneak into the back row. The teacher will never know…


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Old Country by Matt & Harrison Query

My first read of August was a horror book! Man, I should’ve saved this one for Spooktober! I didn’t like the main characters much (at all), but found the plot to be very intriguing and unique with all of the rituals. I may not have loved the book, but I often think about it. As October comes around, it’s not leaving my mind anytime soon. Especially when I see anything about the very very rural quiet country life.

Silent Prey by John Sandford

Generally, I don’t anticipate seeing the same villain again in Sandford’s books. It rarely happens, but Bekker’s unique. But I guess, of course he would be. This was a great thrill, though the change in setting threw me off just a bit. Bekker however, as interesting as he was in Eyes of Prey, is not so interesting here. Not much of anything, he’s so desperate. This downward plummet was amazing to read.

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Check out my review >HERE<

The 6:20 Man by David Baldacci

For my third August read, I gave Baldacci a try. I see his books often, but have yet to have cracked one open until now. The 6:20 Man was thrilling in a way where I couldn’t put the book down. Travis is such a great character to read and many of the side characters around him were just as well-developed. I liked how explosively thrilling this one was and enjoyed the ending.

Winter Prey by John Sandford

Lastly, I know I’m going to jump ahead and read the latest Prey book soon. I’ve been waiting and waiting to get started on Righteous Prey and am so extremely excited for its release in October. Before that, I wanted to at least clear my shelf of every Prey book I already have on hand and that ends with Winter Prey. Absolutely hated the plot, and what the villains were doing to the children, but I got to meet Weather for the first time as I only really knew her from her cameos from the Virgil Flowers side of things. Damn satisfying end though.

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OK, seeing as it’s already mid-month, I know half of these aren’t really “hopefuls” anymore, but I’m happy to report I’m at least on track and so far, some of these “hopefuls” have been happily read.

Review to come: Sept 2022

Glittering a Turd by Kris Hallenga

This was a nonfiction I’ve picked up from NetGalley on a whim. I saw the pink peach-colored cover and the boobie dotted “i”s and couldn’t resist. A phenomenal read of strength and humor as Kris Hallenga takes us through her cancer journey and what it is like to live with terminal breast cancer. A great story with some pretty important information. I definitely make sure to check my breasts more often now.

The Frederick Sisters Are Living The Dream by Jeannie Zusy

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway ages ago and never got around to it. There was nothing wrong with it other than it suffering from the same thing that ails the rest of my books(…TBR mountain!). I can’t believe I put it off so long either. It was a wonderful read that was refreshingly real. The tone is serious but mixed in with just enough humor to lighten up the mood. I really really enjoyed this book and, if you pick it up, hope you will too. The Frederick Sisters Are Living The Dream by Jeannie Zusy comes out September 20th!

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E.R. Nurses: Walk My Rounds with Me: True Stories from America’s Greatest Unsung Heroes by James Patterson, Matt Eversmann, and Chris Mooney

This was sent to me by Grand Central Publishing and is my current read. It reminds me of the Chicken Soup books with how it’s formatted. Very small pieces and stories from all different nurses. Enjoying it with all of the absolutely insane stories and experiences that the nurses go through. Some stories have made me gasp, some laugh, and I’ve already cried some tears too. I look forward to reviewing this one.

Righteous Prey by John Sandford

Ohhhkay, so my MOST anticipated read of the month and year. I know if I mention that Sandford is my favorite author ONE MORE TIME, someone’s going to punch me, but just like Ocean Prey was my most anticipated read last year so is Righteous Prey. I have high expectations for this one. I will say though, after finishing my fifth Lucas Davenport book, I know for sure that my bias lies with Virgil Flowers now. I simply like how Virgil handles matters more than Davenport and I think part of my high expectations for Righteous Prey is Virgil continuing to work with Davenport, especially seeing that his side of the duo series have come to a close as I see no more solo-Virgil adventures and I’m nibbling on any new Virgil Flowers crumbs there are *sob*. 

Black Run by D.L. Marshall

My last read of the month will undoubtedly slip into the next month. Just like with The Frederick Sisters Are Living The Dream, Black Run is far overdue for a review. I came across this one while on NetGalley and simply never got into it, for the exact same reason, with the addition of the fact that it’s actually the second book of the series and I’m a little nervous that I might be missing something important. None-the-less, just like I told myself I’m DEFINITELY reading The Frederick Sisters Are Living The Dream this month, I’m doing the same for Black Run. It’s not escaping from me this time.