June Wrap Up / July TBR

July is here and it’s a long weekend!
June has been absolutely wild. I finally stopped drowning in emails at work. We had our family from Canada visit us and ended up deep cleaning the entire house in the “our guests must not know there’s living beings here” kind of way. In between all of that, I somehow managed to squeeze in a bit of reading and came out with five books, as well as having completed my Goodreads goal of 30 books!

You could say that June was pretty successful!

June Reading Wrap Up

The Coordinates of Loss by Amanda Prowse
My first read of the month was focused around the topic of grief and the loss of a child, as well as the recovery afterwards. I’ve only read one previous Amanda Prowse book, one of which had me crying buckets. Beautiful prose and emotions seemed to be a signature of hers, so I was expecting more tears from this book as well. I did end up crying (though not as much as the first book) and found “The Coordinates of Loss” to be a wonderfully written book. My review for it will come out later this month.

Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World: A History by William Alexander
This was a surprisingly good read! I was so into my little red fruit that by the time I finally finished reading the book, my mother was immensely glad. Apparently she was sick of the random tomato facts I kept spewing at her! Divided into ten chapters and focusing on ten tomato topics (from species and farming to the beginning of canneries), this book was very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. You can find my review for it >HERE<

A Mark of Kings by Bryce O’Connor & Luke Chmilenko
Guts and gore everywhere, this was a pretty good read as well. In fact, I don’t think there was anything I didn’t enjoy in June. Declan is a mercenary who thought he’d seen everything life had to throw at him. From normal missions against bandits and wild monsters, he did not expect the undead to rise up. I really enjoyed the world building for this book, but I think the deuteragonist was the most interesting character, especially given his history. My review for this will come out later this month as well.

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver
A Heartfelt book with lots of strong emotions and plenty of important and heavy topics at discussion including identity and orientation, body dysmorphia, coming out, starting a new life, complicated and abusive families, and mental health. I thought the romance and friendships presented were all very cute and gave Ben such a wonderful new start. I managed to inhale this one in a day and half and really enjoyed it. My review for this will be out later this month.

The Journey Of Artemis : EXODUS by Lamonte Louis
I’ve been reading more sci-fi lately, but compared to the others genres I’ve been slowly adding to my TBR/read pile, it’s still pretty lacking, especially in space opera. This was a nice read and was so fast-paced, the crew having to be on the edge and fighting often. I enjoyed the main character and kind of thought the cliffhanger ending was pretty darn good, especially considering I generally dislike cliffhanger books. You can find my review for it >HERE<

July TBR (Hopefuls)