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Welcome to our site and blog! Cozy with Books is a [mostly] book reviews blog. For our privacy policies page, please take a look at our “Privacy Policy” and for authors/publishers who are looking to request a book review, please take a look at our “Review Policy.”

General Disclaimers:

Expertise and Opinions Disclaimer

Cozy with Books holds no expertise. I am not an expert of literature nor am I a professional writer, reviewer, or editor. This blog was started as a hobby and is for entertainment purposes only. Thus, the reviews are of my own honest opinions. All blog posts, reviews included, are written in my own thoughts and opinions and should not be used as a reflection of any company or organization that we (Cozy with Books) are associated with. Similarly, the thoughts, opinions, and actions of third party companies that we are associated with, should not be viewed as a reflection of Cozy with Books.

Review Copies Disclaimer

Occasionally, instead of reviewing a book (or on rare occasions, a bookish crate) we may review a book that have been provided to us. These books were given to us, for free, by authors or publishing companies in exchange for a fair and honest review. I will mention, in the top portion of reviews, if the book being reviewed had been provided to me for free.

More information on review policies can be found above in our policies tab!

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