Beta Reading Requests

This page is for beta reading requests. If you are looking for book review requests, click → HERE

I do not charge for beta reading, but I would truly appreciate if you could leave any notes or testimonials on my feedback. I am new to beta reading and would love some feedback on how to better help writers with their books!

General Disclaimer: I am not a professional editor, reviewer, or publisher. I am not a professional beta reader either.

Opinions Are My Own: My feedback will be honest.

Timing: Please provide me with a deadline of any sorts. I will do my best to adhere to that deadline and will let you know if I cannot meet it on time either beforehand or during the read.

DNF: I reserve the right to not finish a manuscript but will let you know. I will also provide feedback up to the point I stopped reading. Reasons for DNF’ing a MS can be due to timing, getting busy, or I am not connecting with the story. I will let you know and do my best to provide what feedback I can.

What I Can Provide Feedback On:

  • Dialogue
  • Flow and Plot
  • Characters
  • Pacing
  • How immersed I was or how much I got lost in the read (Hook)
  • World Building
  • Basic spelling and grammar

What I Cannot Provide Feedback On:

  • In depth editing; spelling and grammar. I will pick up small things or glaring spelling errors or if I had to reread a sentence a few times, but will not edit your MS.
  • Line-edits
  • Fact checks

What I Accept

  • Most formats are fine with me (google doc, PDF, etc.)
  • WIP (chapter by chapter is fine): Closed
  • Complete works: Closed
  • Length: ~300-450 pages (or equivalent in word count)
  • Traditional, Self-Published, Indies
  • Genres:
    • Private Investigators
    • Police Procedurals
    • Forensics
    • Cozy Mysteries
    • Murder Mysteries
    • Mystery Thrillers
    • Cyberpunk
  • I may consider genres outside of the ones listed here, but these are the ones I tend to eat through and read the fastest.

What I Do Not Accept

  • Length: 550+ Pages (or equivalent in word count)
  • Reviews for your MS
  • Genres:
    • I may consider genres outside of what I accept (left). However, I will NOT accept the below:
      • Romance
      • Erotica
      • Nonfiction
      • Political
      • Poetry
      • Historical Fiction
      • Grim-Dark
  • Please, do not requests if your MS has sexual assault of any form.

When Sending a Request:

  • Please send me your first 2-3 chapters so I can see if it sticks with me. I can also use it to gauge an estimate on timing.
  • Timing & Deadlines
  • Word count / Page Count
  • Genre & Blurb


You can email me → HERE
You can submit a form → HERE

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