July/August Reading Wrap Up

July/August Reading Wrap Up

It’s August! July went by entirely too quickly, and I think part of that is because of the summer Fridays at work, effectively giving me 4 & 1/2 days of work a week.

Between the extreme excitement I have over all the new game releases lately (I’ve been binge watching Xenoblade 3 and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes plays on Youtube!) and swimming in fandom communities (some people can draw and write SO fast, I swear!) I’m surprised that I got any books in at all! Still, I think it was a pretty good reading month, and I managed to read three books in July.

(Click on the covers for their Goodreads pages)


The Bookshop on Primrose Hill by Sarah Jio

The book to have kick-started me back up on my NetGalley ratio. I’ll be honest, I picked this book just for the pastel cover because those are my favorite colors. I ended up really enjoying the book and had a good sob through it too. The ending made my heart warm and fuzzy. The characters were the highlight of the book, but I really enjoyed the writing and back and forth POVs between Valentina and her mother, Eloise, as we got to know both (and the people around them) through these stories despite being in two different timelines (Valentine – Modern Day, Eloise – Past). Read my review for it >HERE<

Song of Kitaba by Mark Everglade

This book’s plot was a really neat concept and the review is coming up this month, in August. I enjoyed the writing right away, and the characters themselves were fun to read. The idea that there’s oppression for the same reasons (to prevent rebellion) but on the opposite extremes from each other was interesting to read. Two worlds: one that shows the world your every thought via sentiscreens and implants so that the thoughts in your brain displays on the screen next to you vs the village that bans writing and writing instruments from pen, ink, and crayons down to carved messages on rocks and even recipes for ink can get you in trouble! I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this soon!

The Noise by James Patterson & J.D. Barker

This gave me a bookish hangover; the concept and ending was so wild! I’m still reeling from it and trying to process everything, but this may have been my favorite July read so far. A noise sweeps through a remote mountain village and on the surface side, it looks like a massive tornado has gone through, obliterating everything in the village; gutting horses, flattening land, and bringing ruin to even solid structures like homes. Survivors (physically) may be alright, but seem to be possessed and running towards…something. I just finished this book on Sunday and need to put my thoughts to paper on it soon. I look forward to reviewing this one too, and it’ll be part of the August reviews to come!


Old Country by Matt & Harrison Query

One of the two gift copies from Grand Central Publishing (The 6:20 Man being the other) I picked this one up because I’ve been in a bit of a spooky mood. I’m no horror fan, never was and never will be, but some part of me has me intrigued at things that make me scared at night. It sounds like a good read though, and I’m always down for spooky and paranormal stuff, even if I’m probably hiding beneath the covers as I read it. Old Country is actually my current read this week.

Silent Prey & Winter Prey by John Sandford

I’ll be back and riding with Lucas Davenport this month in anticipation for Righteous Prey that comes out later this year. I do have a NetGalley copy of it, but I want to get a little closer to the release date before reading and posting anything about it. Another part of me is, though I am up-to-date on the Virgil Flowers series (which is one of the two series that has joined together to form the last two Prey books), I am FAR from up to date with the Prey side. I want to get as many Prey books in before I start Righteous Prey despite it (technically) can be read out of order like many police procedural books (at the cost of missed Easter eggs, mentions, and relationships/interactions and spoilers).

The 6:20 Man by David Baldacci

*squints* I’m pretty sure I’ve read a David Baldacci book sometime before this, but not wanting to start mid-series, I decided that the start of a new one might be the perfect place to get started, in the case that I haven’t read any of his books before. I’m very picky with my mystery thrillers (well…books in general), despite being my favorite genre, but this one was right up my alley and sounded really good. The summary was intriguing, and I need to know more, so here we are. This is my pick for August’s “most anticipated read” of the four books.

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