Book Review: #Rejected Goddesses by Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes

Book Review: #Rejected Goddesses by Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes

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Title: #Rejected Goddesses
Author: Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes
Edition: Ebook
Length: 148 Pages
Genre/s: Fiction, Romance, Humor, Contemporary
Disclaimer: Thank you to the authors for sending me an e-copy of this book as part of a giveaway! This does not affect my opinion, and all thoughts are mine.

“Every woman is a rejected goddess at some point in her life … but it’s okay to be rejected as long as you feel like a Goddess.”— Robyn Ryan and Cat Romano.

I’m Robyn Ryan.
I’m thirtyish and I’m a third-generation caffeinated Irish. I’m a journalist turned baker on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m a mommy to a dog with a huge attitude.
My personal life sucks.

I’m Catarina Romano, shortly Cat.
I’m thirtyish and I’m a third-generation fiery-tempered Italian with a nuclear explosive and overprotective family.
I’m a notorious male-basher. No wonder I’m single.
I’m also an author of the worstseller “Italian Connections.”

We are two best friends in a temporary rut of our lives in Mystic Oak, MA.

Can our ginormous dreams come true in the smallest town on earth?

This was such a light-hearted and funny rom-com! I quite enjoyed it, especially given some of the pretty gruesome crime fictions and serious nonfictions that I’ve been reading lately. There wasn’t really a moment that had me gasping, or left me at the edge of my seat. Through the entire read, #Rejected Goddesses gave the kind of warm feeling where you know that, at no point in the book, are our main characters ever going to be in a major and serious tussle or danger. Our protagonists may be some mishaps, some big, some small, but there’s always someone to help pick them back up again.

Robyn (Rob) and Catarina (Cat) are two best friends in their thirties, living a somewhat messy and chaotic life. Robyn is a journalist turned baker, after inheriting her grandmother’s bakery, and tries to make the best of her new life, running this business with a French baker and an assistant. She’s trying her best to keep her head above the water, but things aren’t looking too good at this point. Her best friend, Cat, has quite the overprotective family, which is both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on the situation. She hates her new boss. He’s too stiff, already has demoted her to a personal assistant from her previous job in the marketing department (as a way to keep her around rather than let her go completely), and in no way comparable to the sweet gentleman that is his father, Mr. Bentley, her previous boss before having stepped down to turn the business over to his sons. There’s absolutely NO way she’s in love with this dickhead. The jokes and funny, graphic, and erotic texts between Robyn and Cat, though, sure say the opposite. Perhaps there’s some deeply hidden feelings that are a-brew, after all?

Told in two POVs, Cat’s and Robyn’s, this is a lovely and fast read that revolves around friendship, plenty of fun romance, family, and the power of two strong women as they try to tackle the storm of complications and issues that seem to continuously bombard the pair. If there’s nowhere else to turn, their lives full of challenges with men and co-workers/bosses alike, they know that they can always turn back to family and each other. There’s always some way to push forward.

I adore all of the characters in this book, outside of the two antagonistic people in both of their lives. For the supporting cast, you have an array of colorful people: There’s the misunderstood Richard, Cat’s new boss. There’s Nick, the hot Brad Pitt lookalike of a vet. There’s Tonio, Cat’s overprotective brother who she swears isn’t part of the mob (We may never know if it’s all truly “just an act”), and has, more than once, come with fists flying to her aid. There’s her Nonna who always knows how to best comfort the two when they’re down, be it with food or words, and actually runs the Italian place next to Robyn’s bakery. And in Robyn’s bakery, she’s got her assistant, Lucy, and the French baker who, despite Robyn constantly being annoyed by his “French connoisseur persona” is actually quite the baker.

Then, of course, there’s Cat and Robyn themselves. Both are funny women who have had some shit go their way in life. Having faced misogyny at the work place, awful ex-boyfriends, and now barely keeping up with their office and bakery life; the two are constantly there to cheer each other up. I love their text exchanges with each other as well. They’re the perfect combination of a serious natured person and her firecracker, wild friend.

All in all, this was a pretty hilarious and fast read. The novella makes for a good book to curl up with and has an easy feeling and flow to it that’ll keep you turning pages. I’m not one to read romance often, but this one certainly did put a smile to my face. Hell, I even had a few moments where I’d bursted out laughing!


9 thoughts on “Book Review: #Rejected Goddesses by Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes

  1. This isn’t normally something I’d be interested in, as I’m not that keen on a slice of life entertainment. But I did have one question about Robyn, what was her reason for giving up journalism to run a bakery rather than having someone run it on her behalf or even selling the business?

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    1. To avoid too many spoilers 😉She left on bad terms with her old job. She was also practically raised by her granny so when her gran passed, she did her best to take care of the bakery on her behalf because she couldn’t bear to sell it either.


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