January 2022 TBR

This month, I’m in charge of a big work project and just as there wasn’t much spare time last January, I’m anticipating the same for this year. I was originally going to do a Virgil Flowers month, but I’m afraid there won’t be much time left over to do actual reading. So instead, I’m going to dedicate the entire month to audiobooks, maybe squeezing in a single physical somewhere along the way.

I hopped onto Libby and these were some of the available [now] titles to borrow. I borrowed all three at once, so I’m not sure if, by the time I reach the third, it’ll still be available to read or if a hold will prevent me from renewing.

I’ve recently realized that I seem to pay attention and do better with nonfiction audiobooks and The Cookie Cure is one of the two nonfiction picks of the month.

((Blurb: Goodreads))

A heartwarming memoir of a family that refused to give up

When twenty-two-year-old Susan Stachler was diagnosed with cancer, her mother, Laura, was struck by déjà vu: the same illness that took her sister’s life was threatening to take her daughter’s too. Heartbroken but steadfast, Laura pledged to help Susan through the worst of her treatments. When they discovered that Laura’s homemade ginger cookies soothed the side effects of Susan’s chemo, the mother-daughter duo soon found themselves opening Susansnaps and sharing their gourmet gingersnaps with the world.

Told with admirable grace and infinite hope, The Cookie Cure is about more than baked goods and cancer—it’s about fighting for your life and for your dreams.

The Burning by Jonathan Kellerman & Jesse Kellerman

Multiple disasters that are somehow connected is always my jam. It’s the fourth book in a series I’ve never picked up before, but I’m looking forward to this as it’s a thriller.

((Blurb: Goodreads))

Things get personal for Deputy Coroner Clay Edison when a murder hits close to home in this riveting, emotional thriller from the bestselling father-son team who write “brilliant, page-turning fiction” (Stephen King).

A raging wildfire. A massive blackout. A wealthy man shot to death in his palatial hilltop home.

For Clay Edison, it’s all in a day’s work. As a deputy coroner, caring for the dead, he speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. He prides himself on an unflinching commitment to the truth. Even when it gets him into trouble.

Then, while working the murder scene, Clay is horrified to discover a link to his brother, Luke. Horrified. But not surprised. Luke is fresh out of prison and struggling to stay on the straight and narrow.

And now he’s gone AWOL.

The race is on for Clay to find him before anyone else can. Confronted with Luke’s legacy of violence, Clay is forced to reckon with his own suspicions, resentments, and loyalties. Is his brother a killer? Or could he be the victim in all of this, too?

This is Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman at their most affecting and page-turning–a harrowing collision of family, revenge, and murder.

The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant by Drew Hayes

A little while back, I pondered about “Hmm…there are medical thrillers, legal thrillers, political thrillers, mystery thrillers…but what about MY major (accounting)?” I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I was a little shocked to see anything come up at all. It went on my TBR and I never thought about it again…until I saw it listed as an audiobook in Libby and I knew I HAD to try it!

((Blurb: Goodreads))

Some people are born boring. Some live boring. Some even die boring. Fred managed to do all three, and when he woke up as a vampire, he did so as a boring one. Timid, socially awkward, and plagued by self-esteem issues, Fred has never been the adventurous sort.

One fateful night – different from the night he died, which was more inconvenient than fateful – Fred reconnects with an old friend at his high school reunion. This rekindled relationship sets off a chain of events thrusting him right into the chaos that is the parahuman world, a world with chipper zombies, truck driver wereponies, maniacal necromancers, ancient dragons, and now one undead accountant trying his best to “survive.” Because even after it’s over, life can still be a downright bloody mess.

2 thoughts on “January 2022 TBR

    1. You know if someone supernatural or powerful deliberately goes out of their way to say “Nope! My life is boring! Real uninteresting! REAALLYY dull.” They must have some badass life 😂 Thanks Kerri!

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