Chatty Saturday: My Book Bullet Journal

HAPPY SATURDAY! Today’s another Chatty Saturday and this time, we’re talking all about my reading/blogging journal, what spreads I have in it, and how I use it to stay organized!

(And hey! It’s my cousin’s birthday! Happy birthday dude!)

I started bullet journaling when I was in college; a neat idea I came across during my short stay in the studyblog side of Tumblr. They’re a mess. All 7 of them. But I loved my bujos. I have a collection of two and a half boxes full of stationery just for them.

But after I’d graduated, I slowly stopped bullet journaling. After about 16 years of schooling, life halted. The shock of going from “There’s 3 assignments due tomorrow, and 4 exams this week” to sudden emptiness hits you pretty hard. Gone were the days of multiple colored highlighters, one for each class, other colors for health and work; my bujo was a candy store of colors.

I gave it one last go in 2020 and this year, I kept my bujo up until maybe April when I finally called it quits. I would draw my weekly spreads and monthly calendar only to have nothing to really fill the squares in with besides, “work from 9-6pm” and the occasional appointment here and there (not complaining about those though!). The rainbow of colors died down to maybe two, and eventually even that turned into just a black ball point pen.

But I spent years bullet journaling and just as I couldn’t accept an empty bujo, I couldn’t stand the void it left behind either. I NEEDED to pick bullet journaling back up again and besides…two and a half boxes of stickers and stationery aren’t going to stick themselves onto paper.

During the time I slowly stopped bullet journaling, I had also started up a side notebook, themed around books. This wasn’t a new idea, but after not being able to stick to the [reading] schedule, I quickly binned this new replacement. It was a place where I’d write down my TBR timeline and there wasn’t much sparkle or flash to the layouts, only a few quick chicken-scratch calendar spreads.

I’d put both journals down for months up until some random spark motivated me to power through books back in July; it was the beginning of that “I want to blog everyday for a year” excitement that had randomly slammed into me. Multiple books to read in a month, I needed a way to organize myself and I dug out that discarded reading journal, from my giant pile of half used notebooks, and started up a spread. This time, I was more careful, using rulers and such, and this time I’d add a little decoration, hell maybe two, three, why not cover the whole damn thing. July and August was amazing. I was able to pace my reading better this time and the ecstasy of it continued to fuel me for another few months.

I have a few things I need to clear off my list before I can move on with more reading, so I’m taking a little break from it all until the beginning of December where I’ll be ready with my new calendar.

Now, every time I open my journal, I’m greeted with excitement. I hope this excitement lasts me through another solid few years again.

What I Have In My Reading Journal

So what the heck do I have in my journal? How does it help me read and blog more?

Stickers. My journal is loaded with stickers, washi tape, decorative tape, scrapbook paper, junk mail with pretty designs (no, I don’t want your credit card, but I’ll take that pretty paper you used for an envelope!)

Reading Notes

Before I transferred this to a different notebook, I used to have a section where I would take book notes. I didn’t take too many notes before starting up a reviewers blog, but ever since Cozy came into existence, I wanted to make sure I put my best efforts into my reviews, and you can’t do that if you’ve gone and forgotten all the details right?


My reading calendar. Always in the same area as the posting schedule, I try to have a monthly TBR up and ready by the end of the previous month. Here, I put my daily reading “quotas” to meet so that I can finish a book within a particular length of time. I don’t always stick to it, but meeting the goal for the day gives me an extra happy boost.

Posting Schedule

Just as I have a reading schedule, I also have a post schedule. A little more empty now, since I stopped my posting streak, during the few months where I aimed for that big 1-0-0, I had a schedule on what posts were to go up on what days. Along with the calendar, where I write when things should be drafted, I also keep a little checklist, drafted, edited, posted.

ARC/NetGalley/Review Request tracker

Sparingly used, but I occasionally find myself back on this page where I keep a running total of my ARCs, eARCs, NetGalleys, and review requests. For requests, I note down the date I accepted the email, received the book, and the self imposed deadline to finish reading and for the review to go up. NetGalleys go here too, but the site has it’s own tracker so I’m not too worried.

Monthly Stats Tracker

The page that I keep forgetting to update and I’m not entirely sure why I even have it anymore as I never actually refer back to it. The idea had sprouted during a “reading bujo ideas” trip to Pinterest and I saw a cute stats milestone layouts and thought “I need to try that! How cute!” It’s a simple layout, list style, no art…

Masterlists: Memes

The next few spreads are my masterlists of previous memes. Sometimes there are bookish memes such as First Lines Friday where you can use your current read or a TBR book. Since I don’t want to accidently repeat anything, I keep a list for both my Teaser Tuesdays and my First Lines Friday posts.

Masterlist: Reviews

I have these on my blog (sorted by title, genre, and author), but I wanted one for my journal because I couldn’t figure out a way to put a review-count on here. I use this as a way to list and count how many reviews I’ve put up since the start of Cozy with Books and it’s 44 so far.

Masterlist: Book Tags

Just like with the list of bookish memes, I have a list for all my previous book tags. I don’t want to repeat one that I’ve done so far and don’t want to search my blog to check each time either. I also include a separate little page after the book tags list, where I keep future tag ideas that I’ve seen.

TBR Reading Order Ideas

Not only is my TBR higher than Everest, but it’s also a mess of random genres and no particular reading order. While I could play a TBR game, like my TBR bucket, if I do have an order or a theme in mind, I write them here. I have a little Virgil Flowers theme coming up in January of 2022!

Post Ideas/Drafts/Dumps

Sometimes, I draft my posts right here in my journal. Sometimes it’s a random page of chicken scratch brain dumps of post ideas. There’s different handwritings, ink, and thoughts; a collage of whatever’s going on in my brain. I have multiple pages, all over my bujo, of this.

Book’s Table of Contents

A little harder to do with some ebooks because a lot of them have hyperlinks rather than a page number, but to help plan for upcoming reading calendars, I sometimes write out all the pages of the chapters so that I can have a visual of what chapters to start and end off on everyday. (Peep the yellow sticky notes in the pic!)

Chatty Saturday Ideas

While it’s not a page where I keep track of the ones I’ve already done (like the masterlists), this is where I throw all my bookish ideas for Chatty Saturday! It’s a rather new spread, like this segment, but it’s a fun post that I enjoy writing whenever I’m having too much of a reading slump to post reviews.


3 thoughts on “Chatty Saturday: My Book Bullet Journal

  1. I love this idea of a book bullet journal. I have kept my bullet journal for the first time this year but might change it to a book journal for 2022. The best excuse for pretty stationery.


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