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Happy Thursday! It’s been a while since my last Book Tag Thursday so I’m pretty excited to do one again.
I saw this tag over on Zezee with Books off of their “A Long List of Book Tags” list. The tag was created by Stuart over at Always Trust in Books so make sure to give both of them a visit!

Last 3 Books You Read

Spoilers or Spoiler-Free

Spoilers are fine with me

I don’t mind spoilers at all!

This might sound awful considering how spoilers seem to mean to much to some people, but sometimes, when things get too intense, I like to flip to the end of the chapter or flip through the last few chapters, not to read or anything, but to make sure I see a character’s name so I know they live. I do this a lot and did this just the other day with one of my current reads 😅

How Long Have You Been Book Blogging?

About a year and half!

I started to blog during the 2020 lockdown, in mid April, and it’s been about a year and half or so?

A Book You Read in One Sitting

None? One in High School maybe?

I don’t do one-sitting reads as I’m simply incapable of sitting down and reading for that long. I came close once during High School when I read maybe 95% of the book in one period and finished it at the beginning of the next period. But generally speaking, I wouldn’t ever sit down to read in one sitting. I do come close occasionally.

Preferred Book Size (Novella, Tome, Etc.)

300 – 400 pages

I’m very much enjoying my current tome, Dragon Mage and I have a couple others sitting on my shelf but my favorite book lengths/sizes are generally 300 – 450 pages.

Amount of Books On Your TBR

Too many to count

That’s a hard question to ask any bookworm! I think that I’m going to die before I ever touch the end of my TBR 😭

A Book You DNF’D

I suffer the whole way

I rarely ever DNF, though I highly suggest for others to do so because it just makes reading so unenjoyable! I intend to eventually go back to this book one day, but I finally shelved it after like…6-9 months of forcing myself to read only to put it back down after like…3 words. A book I DNF’d would be The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. I think the start was just kind of slow but the font and layout were the main killer (I’m never buying big books as mass market copies ever again). I intend to grab a library e-copy of it one day to finish the job but I barely crawled past chapter 4.

Recent Awards or Milestones

A badge on NetGalley and a streak on WP?

I guess my last badge on NetGalley had been the 10 reviews badge? I’m slowly making my way to the next count (I’m at 16) but for milestones, WordPress told me that today’s post makes for the 80th day posting streak. I’ll make another post about this in the future, but I’m intending to end it at 100 (the original goal was 365).

Best Interaction With An Author You Enjoy

Emailing Michael J. Sullivan

Sadly, I can’t recall the email address used for this and it was forever ago (I was a teen), but once I think I had emailed Michael J. Sullivan to tell him just how much I loved his books and writing and that I had dreams of being a writer myself. This whole conversation is so incredibly vague so don’t quote me on my email or his response, but I think I had asked him if he had any tips for new or aspiring writers. He was so very kind and in the end, he even sent over an e-copy of a book that I still have.

He remains one of my favorite authors even though I don’t read as much fantasy books nowadays.

Average Number of Books You Read Per Month

I’ve come a long way from 0.5/1 to 3 or 4

I have had a massive MASSIVE slump this year. From around January to June, I was reading anywhere from half a book to a book or 2 a month but before? I’d say my average was anywhere from none to 1. Then someone waved a magical bookish wand on me and something crazy just hit me. In July, I started to try to read a book a week (to keep up with the “post every day” self-challenge of mine) and now I’m reading about 4 books a month. Last month, I read 7!

After I stop at 100 posts, I’m going to pull back on all the reading, for a couple of weeks, just so I can focus on the last round of BBNYA reads.

Top 3 Publishers

Penguin, Orbit, and Tor

I enjoy books from Penguin(G.P. Putnam), Orbit Books, and Tor! There’s plenty of others but these are my main/top three.

Social Media Sites Your Blog Uses

Twitter and IG

I also use Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok (Book Tok) but compared to Twitter and Instagram? Far far less. And between Twitter and IG, itself, I use Twitter so much more. I’m on Twitter maybe every day versus every other or every few days on Instagram. It’s been a while since my last pin and post on Pinterest and Facebook and TikTok is just…there.

Average Amount of Time You Spend Networking

Not as much as I should

I occasionally comment on tweets from authors and other bloggers up on Twitter or engage in writer’s lifts and comment chains, but not often. I do love to chat up my blogger friends though (group chats).

Most Comfortable Blogging Position

The desktop

I blog mainly from my desktop. I have two monitors (for work) and it’s great to have one screen running with Youtube and another screen with the WordPress drafts. It’s also great to have one screen on Goodreads/Twitter/etc and the other on the drafts. I used to mainly blog on my laptop, but it’s gotten slower in the last few months and once you do multiple screens, going back to a single screen is kind of hard.

Music Or Quiet When Writing Reviews?

Music with no lyrics

I love to work to music with lyrics, podcasts, or audiobooks but whenever I have any written tasks (emails) or, for blogging and writing posts, I have to shut them all off. I can continue listening to music, but they can’t be with words (so lofi, piano, or heck even trap or techno music). I tend to write what I hear sometimes and that can lead to some very…unfortunate posts and emails. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Can You Sum Up Your Blogging Style In 5 Words?

Memeish, Routine, Reviews, Medium?, and Free

Memeish: I tend to use bookish memes a lot but the ones I use the most are Teaser Tuesday, WWW Wednesday, and First Line[s] Friday.

Routine: Unless it’s the end/beginning of the month where I throw in a wrap up post or a “Next Month’s TBR” post, I tend to stick to the general same formula/routine. Mondays are always review days, Tuesdays are for Teaser Tuesdays, Wednesdays are for WWW Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are wildcards, and Fridays are for First Lines Fridays. My Sundays are generally weekly wrap up days.

I think that after I stop posting daily, after my 100 posts, the routine would probably change a little. I’ll probably keep the memes but lose my Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Reviews: I started Cozy with Books as a platform for book reviews. I figured it was better than Goodreads, ya know?

Medium: My post are generally small for memes, but a lot of times for reviews or chatty/discussion topics, I’d say I tend to write medium sized posts. My average words are about 2K(?) for reviews.

Free: The freedom to do whatever I want is liberating! The other day, I had the sudden urge to blog about this new horror game app I found (and finished that same day). It was so good that I needed to write about it, but my blog is a bookish blog…

I though, “Ah heck, it’s my blog. It’s not a paid job. Nobody is going to punish me for deviating from my theme and plus there’s a storyline section!” So, I threw up a review for a game. Because I wanted to 😉

A Blog You Look Up To Starting Out

Ashlee from Books are 42! ❤

One of the first that was always on my Twitter feed and one of the bloggers/blogs that I looked up to when I was starting out was Ashlee from Books Are 42! I still look up to her! Give her blog a peek! Ashlee is awesomesauce!

Best Book You Reviewed So Far

It’s a struggle between Shards of Earth and Sons of Valor!

I’ve reviewed a handful and rated a ton more before I started this blog, but if we’re talking the best book I’ve reviewed so far since starting Cozy with Books, out of the 39, it’d be a hard choice between Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky and Sons of Valor by Andrews & Wilson. As I’ve been enjoying contemporary a little more than SFF lately, the vote would have to be handed to Sons of Valor.

Best Piece of Blogging Advice

No pressure (not even from yourself!)

Blog when you want to, read when you want to, and ultimately do things only when you feel like doing it. Not feeling that book? DNF it. Not feeling like reading or blogging, don’t force yourself to. Breaks are a good thing so don’t ever feel bad for taking them.


I’m tagging anyone that’s interested in doing this one!


12 thoughts on “Blogger Stats Book Tag

    • Yeah! Just…just a quick half second peak doesn’t hurt! I just need to see like the tuff of hair or the wrinkle of clothes of ONE character and I’ll quickly switch back. So long as they appear in the end, that means they don’t die 😂
      If you do do the tag, I hope you enjoy!


  1. I feel so called out with that “Amounts of Books on Your TBR”! Like, how can you ask a bookworm that😭

    Am pretty sure the answer is “infinite” – it’s forever growing xD

    Wonderful post!

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    • Thank you, Aviaja ❤ That question is calling out the entire book community 😂 Heck, I think it just called out the whole of humanity!


    • Definitely do! It was a little longer than I expected and as I was writing it, I kept thinking, “How long does this go for???” 😂 Loved all the prompts though.

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