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Whoever handed me a rectangular piece of plastic, with credits in it, needs to take it away from me. I am irresponsible with it (JKJK)
Look, I had an extra rough week (and Friday) and rough weeks merit um … a little bit of retail therapy okay?
There’s never not a good reason to go book shopping right?

( 📣 Go SEROTONIN GO~! 📣)

In the last few days, I ended up purchasing three books, one physical and 2 ebooks/audiobooks. When I started this post, I originally had only two books in mind but forgot that I also purchased another book a little earlier in the week so that’s a total of three books that have now joined my TBR tower.

Rainbow Six (John Clark #2) by Tom Clancy

I came across this book looking for more military fiction because I’ve really enjoyed the last few ones I came across.

I’ve only ever heard of this title (as a video game, no less) so was a little surprised to see it as a book. Imagine if I could find Astral Chain as a book?!? Or Harvest Moon?!?

I know this is nowhere near the beginning of the suggested reading order, but people mentioned that it alright as a standalone, so, If I end up loving it, I might go back and actually make my way through the series.

The book I got was a used (Like New) book from Amazon and it came wrapped up in plastic, but there were these weird little orange stains on the top edge and I’m not sure what it is (foxing?), but I’ll be making sure to keep this as far from any more humidity as possible just in case. The inside pages are still perfectly fine, nearly pristine in fact.

The prologue was already really good so I’m extra excited to get started.

Tier One (Tier One #1) by Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson

If you’ve read my last review, you know that I really enjoyed Sons of Valor by Andrews & Wilson. I copped the audiobook off of NetGalley and it was a really good read. Sure, at first I had to rewind a good chunk because my brain was refusing to register half the terms and acronyms thrown at me, but I ended up loving it.

Sons of Valor was only the first book of the Tier One-shared World Series, so to fill in the gap, as I wait for the next release, I figured to go back and check the original/previous/main series. The ebook was on sale(?) at $3.99 and adding in audio was $1.99 extra. I had greatly adored my newfound authors and narrator so…cha-ching.

Weapons Grade (Avery #1) by Ross Sidor

As I hit my latest purchase, I realize that my little haul/list here has a bit of a…theme. I guess I’m in a new mood huh? (Don’t worry I haven’t grown bored of the Cyberpunk mood just yet).

I don’t recall how I landed on this book’s Goodreads page (I think it was recommended by GR? It was on a side bar). As I was going through the list of [4] books by the author I was like, “Oh? Why are all four books the same cover? Are they the translated versions? But they have different English titles.”

And then, I realized that each cover had a different gun and I just need new glasses.

The first few pages were pretty good, it was 99¢, the GR page mentioned teams (and I’m in a huge squad/team mood) so clicking the dangerous 1-Click button was pretty easy.

My family is planning a trip next month so this will be my traveling ebook of choice.

How has your week been? Have you landed any new reads?

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  1. Your right about that retail therapy! I managed to pick up the Shadow and Bone trilogy while at indigo yesterday because I’m curious to see what the hype is all about. A friend had gifted me Crooked Kingdom a while back so I’m hoping to get SOC next month or sometime soon

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