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Happy Thursday morning!
Today’s post is going to be another book tag!
I was tagged by the lovely Danni over at For Books Sake! Make sure you give her blog a visit too 💯
Thank you Danni for the tag ❤


  • Mention the creator ( One’s Peculiar )
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1 – The Lost Princess – A book/series you lost interest in halfway through.

Harry Potter.
I only made it up to book 5, I believe, though book 4 was my most vivid.

I quite enjoyed reading those books as a kid, not because they were particularly good books, but because I felt cool being this pint of a child carrying around a tome of a book. But by the time I was in high school, I started to find other books more fun (nonfiction science books and history books). Then I started college where I completely stopped reading (for fun) to focus on studying and by the time I finally picked up a book again, post graduation, I just simply lost interest with Harry Potter and didn’t care for the writing or plot anymore. I know how the series ends. I know who dies. And that’s enough to satisfy my curiosity.

2 – The Knight in Shining Armour – A hyped book/series you were swept up by.

You know what? I have such a backlog of books I want to read that I haven’t actually made it to the latest hype books that have been circulating BookTwt or BookTok! Though…Prince of Thorns was pretty popular and I loved Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Fools so I might enjoy Prince of Thorns. But for truly reading and getting swept up by a hyped up book/series? Not yet.

3 – The Wise Old Wizard – An author who amazes you with his/her writing.

A recent new discovery and new author for me, I quite enjoyed reading Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shards of Earth, so much so that I’m sitting here eagerly waiting for the second book of The Final Architects series. The book and the writing blew me away. So, here I am, low-key stalking the series 👀

4 – The Maiden in Distress – An undervalued character you wished had a bigger storyline.

The Shattered Sigil Trilogy has two main POVs, first person (Dev) and third person (Kiran). Dev has a friend, that Kiran eventually grows closer to too, but I don’t believe she has her own POV chapters, or if she did, it’s not enough, compared to the main two (it’s been a year or two since I last read the books). I love the trio, though most of the books revolve around Dev and Kiran so it’s understandable. Still, I’d love to read more about Cara and hoping I’ll see more of her in the final book.

5 – The Magical Sword –  A magical item/ability you wish authors used less.

I don’t think I’ve ever wished for an item or ability to be used less so I’m not sure for this one.

6 – The Mindless Villain – A phrase you cannot help but roll your eyes at.

Is there anyone who is going to say anything other than the “Held a breath they didn’t know they were holding”? I used to think it was a YA thing but now I see that it’s everywhere. This phrase is haunting me!

7 – The Untamed Dragon – A magical creature you wish you had as a pet.

Ah, my favorite question on here!

When I was a kid, I drew up a continent map made up of countries, different religions, leaderships, different local delicacies (you name it)…and of course different creatures! Amongst them (albeit still rare) were cat sized dragons! They were the spicier versions of dogs, but less so than cats. One of my OCs had one named Apple, a runt even amongst his species of “micro-dragons” who loved eating apples, resting on his owner’s hair and using it’s tail as a scrunchie. His favorite place to sleep was in the fire of the fireplace. There’s a special orb that can change a mico-dragon into a much bigger one and my OC would ride it like a dragon rider, striking from Apple’s back with his lance and…and I could talk all day about it.

(Listen. I put nearly 2 decades worth of thought into my imaginary world!)

8 – The Chosen One – A book/series you will always root for.

[Not a fantasy series but] My favorite series that I’ll always love and definitely always root for would be the Virgil Flowers series by John Sandford. I’ve read 9 out of the 13 books and I hope they never stop coming.


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