WWW Wednesday

Going round and round and we end up here on a Wednesday again. Where did the rest of the week poof off to? No idea. I’m not sure how it’s already Wednesday again.

What are you currently reading?

This week’s current reads are split between Tomorrow’s End and BBNYA excerpts. I’m hoping to finish both before next Monday. Tomorrow’s End was in last week’s current reads, but I’m only a small way in. I’m loving it to pieces so far. The characters, the world…but I have to wait for the book review before I can start gushing and plus, I do have a lot of the book still left to go through.

What did you recently finish?

Two this time! Sure, one of them is super small, but I really loved and adored it. True loaf was actually published back in 2020, but the audiobook version is due to come out on the 27th of this month so I’ll wait until next week to throw up a little mini review of it.

I also recently finished and posted a review for Sons of Valor by Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson (and narrated by Ray Porter). I LOVED the read and even found myself some new authors to follow. I even ended up downloading the first book of their other/previous series: Tier One Thrillers (with audio).

What do you think you’ll read next?

The same as last week. I’m still planning on reading Deadline by John Sandford next, but unless I find myself another audiobook on NetGalley, I may throw in Tier One in as the audiobook read of the week.

How’s your week looking?

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