Mid-Year Reading Check In Tag

Oh the grand weekend is here again!

Happy Saturday, everyone!
Today’s post is going to be my response to the Mid-Year Reading Check In Tag. Thank you so much to Danni over at ForBooksSake for tagging me! Make sure you take a look at her lovely blog too!

How much have you read?

I’ve read 11 books and my goal is 25 so I’m slightly behind schedule. With one of my audiobook reads coming to a close, I’m hoping that I can start closing that gap in the near future.

What have you been reading?

I’ve definitely started reading more audiobooks because I realized how great of a work companion they can be. They help make the workday go by at lightning speeds. I’ve also noticed that my latest reads have been mostly indie or self-published books and I’ve been really enjoying them.

Best book you’ve read so far in 2021

I’ve had a few solid reads this year, but I think I would have to hand this one to Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky, though The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King came in at a close second. Both books were from blog tours, too!

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2021

I’ve only read one sequel this year and it wasn’t exactly a favorite of mine, though it wasn’t a bad book. Still, I didn’t read enough sequels to pit anything against each other.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to

Most definitely, I’m most looking forward to digging into Ocean Prey by John Sandford. I’m putting it off until I catch up a little more of the series (almost there), but I’m really REALLY excited for it. It’s sitting in my bookshelf staring at me, everyday.

Most anticipated release for the second part of the year

I’m constantly finding new authors, so my TBR and anticipated reads usually tend to be for books that are already published or sometimes even long released. However, I do know that one of my favorite authors, Michael J. Sullivan, the author of the Riyria books, is coming up with a new series and book one is coming out [expected] August 3rd this year and I am really really excited about it. I’m looking forward to Nolyn, the first book of The Rise and Fall series by Michael J. Sullivan

Biggest disappointment

I haven’t been disappointed yet!
I guess that’s a pretty darn good thing! 😳

Biggest surprise

I really want to say that Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky and River Queens by Alexander Watson are my biggest surprise because they came from genres/subgenres that I rarely read (space opera and nonfiction, respectively), but if current reads count in this tag, seeing as I’m thhiiss close to finishing it, I think my biggest surprise would have to be Sons of Valor by Brian Andrew and Jeffrey Wilson because it’s been one of the two books that’s had my heart up at my throat with adrenaline and fear. Finished reads wise, I’d definitely have to give this one to Shards of Earth again.

New favorite author (debut or new to you).

I’ve discovered some amazing new authors this year! Some of my favorite includes Adrian Tchaikovsky and Rob Sinclair. Right now, I’m really enjoying Brian Andrew and Jeffrey Wilson and I adored Daniel James Sheehan’s writing.

Underrated gems you’ve discovered recently

River Queens! It’s a nonfiction book about boats and I absolutely loved it. It was definitely a gem.

Rereads this year

I haven’t finished it, but whenever I get a chance, I’ve been going back and rereading Dark of the Moon by John Sandford to rediscover the first time I was introduced to and fell in love with Virgil Flowers.

Newest fictional crush

I feel like I mentioned this somewhere or to someone, but I have definitely told at least one person that I have a new fictional book crush and that would be Idris from Shards of Earth 😊

Newest favorite character

*Ahem*…. Idris 🤭

Book that made you cry

While not comparable to some of the books, out there, that’s made me bawl my eyes out, River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America came pretty close because there have been some beautiful moments and then some that were pretty sad and actually made me tear up. Overall though, I had a pretty tearless 2021.

Book that made you happy

I Am Not A Wolf by Dan Sheehan was humorous and satirical but the writing and the narrator put the biggest and goofiest grin on my face the entire way through the book.

Favorite book to film adaption

I don’t watch films or movies and I tend to stay away from book to film/movie adaptions because once I have my own mental image of the world and characters, using a real life cast kind of ruins that for me. I, also, can barely sit still long enough to read, let alone watch a film.

Most beautiful cover you’ve brought (or received) this year

A lot of my favorite and most beautiful covers are from previous years, but I definitely “judged based on the cover” and purchased (on a whim) The Romantic Poets, the Canterbury Classics flexibound version. I chose it because…of the glitter on the cover… I can’t find a picture on the internet that can do it enough justice than to physically hold its heft in your hand, to just feel the silky cover, and to look at the shiny glitter… Not to mention, the stunning endpapers…!

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I think I’ve mentioned this a couple times, but during a house move (and I’ve moved a lot in the past) I lost a really good Goodreads giveaway book but during another move, I unearthed it with some other books I thought were gone forever. I had started it and it was pretty good so I was pretty sad about it. I fully intend to restart and finish this before the end of the year.

Favorite post you have done this year?

I have a lot of favorite posts this year, but the other day, I posted my very first interview so it’s a pretty special post for me.
Author Interview: Nathan Timmel

Some of my other personal favorites:
Dragma’s Keep Review
The Lore of Prometheus Review
Shards of Earth Review
Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk) Want to Reads
Favorite Phone Apps

Favorite book community member

I have a lot of favorite book community members and sadly, I can’t name them all nor can I pick just one, but my favorite “communities” would be a particular group chat of mine that are always giving out free hugs and so much support be it book/blog related or life related. The United Weirdos of The Write Reads group chat is very special to me, but I love a whole lot of people from the book community and I wouldn’t be where I am without the lot of you ❤



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  1. I heard great things about Shards of the Earth! I’m really not a big Sci Fi reader but everyone says it’s brilliant regardless even if not normally a fan of the genre so I don’t know… I might give it a go one day! Great post 🙂

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