My Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite

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Note: I’m comparing my Oasis 2017 to the Kindle Paperwhite (Gen 6? 7?). I’m not comparing it to the latest Paperwhite.

Back in February, I purchased the Kindle Oasis 2017.

Part of me wanted it because my Paperwhite was maybe 7 years old (and yes, I know that that’s still pretty “young” for a Kindle considering others noting to have had theirs for a decade or more and that they were still alive, kicking, and functioning nearly as well as the first time I got it).

I had to rationalize my purchase. This thing would cost me nearly as much as the Nintendo Switch after all!

I thought:

  • It’s got buttons. I thought they were lame at first, but I was seeing the potential in BUTTONS.
  • It’s metal. I kinda want a metal device…like a phone…but in an E-READER πŸ˜‰
  • The screen is bigger…more real estate for text! Meaning faster reading plus…warm lighting…dark mode…sharper text…
  • The design looked so stupid and uneven…I like!

But at the end of the day I think, deep down, I already knew why I wanted the Oasis.

I just want it.
That’s all.

Never have I ever allowed that to be an excuse. I always keep a close eye over my spending habits. I’m an accountant and I’m always weighting income to expenses or rather…unnecessary expenses.

I’d never allowed myself to buy something just because I wanted to buy something, but…I figured. It’s a once-in-a-long-time treat. Why not?

And then, I had it in my cart, forever…

I have this little trick where I would keep things in my cart forever. I’d look back at that product, read all the reviews, all the description and product notes, look up online IG pictures and youtuber reviews…basically make myself SICK of seeing that item everyday. And after a few weeks, if I still wanted it then at least it wasn’t some purchase on a whim deal.

Weeks went by.

I knew all about a device I didn’t even own yet.

And I hadn’t gotten sick of it yet.

So I got it.

(And got myself a cute little red vending machine case. I have…NO clue what those are. Little earless hamsters? Mochi? Dumplings?)

It’s from Ayotu (but you could probably just search “Kindle cover vending machine”

Product Review

When this little baby came home, it stayed in it’s box for a good few hours and then it finally came out. I stared at it for a long time because I couldn’t believe I’d just spent close to $300 on a device I already owned a different version of (but I was so happy). I treated it better than when my phone or Switch came home! (I will say that the cover was a wee bit of an awkward fit though).

I started to use it right away after that, only ever slightly stonewalled by a quick moment of “Grass was greener on other side” feeling because as soon as the tracking fun was over and it was safety at home, the excitement had died down for a solid minute before kicking back up again.

So how does it compare to my Kindle Paperwhite?

The oasis battery sucks!

Sure…it still trumps all other devices in the house (phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and even the Amazon Fire Tablet.) but I guess I’ve had my Paperwhite for too long. I knew that the battery wasn’t going to be as good as the Paperwhite, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so big of a difference.

While I do mix formats, I also have minor sprees between months of only physicals and months of only ebooks/audiobooks. Long story short, it means I have periods where I binge Kindle books and then periods where I neglect my devices for weeks. Between reading my Kindle for days/weeks or leaving it idle for days/weeks, either way, I could trust my Paperwhite to have a good handful of power before it goes out. If I saw my Paperwhite with 10% in the morning, I could still trust it to at least carry me through a day’s worth of to-from commute AND lunch break.

My Oasis? I’d be a little more worried. In fact, I might even be reading off my phone’s app by the time I’m on my commute home.

If I had to give out division awards, my Kindle Paperwhite would win. It carried me through my month in Hong Kong. I didn’t charge it once.

Whether I leave it alone for days or I do light reading with my Oasis, it comes nowhere near that length. Every few days, or if I was lucky every 2 or so weeks, it’d be charging.

Paperwhite? Been in my travel bag (idle) and it hasn’t had a charge in nearly 2 months (oops).

But the Graphics in Oasis is just a bit clearer.

Pristine and a tad bit more sharper, I quite enjoyed reading off of my Oasis because every now and then, I felt like my paperwhite felt a bit blurry. I suppose that’s due to the difference in PPIs; my Paperwhite’s displays were maybe 212 vs 300 in the oasis. So displays and resolutions wise, Oasis wins this round.

Bluetooth Headphones and Audiobooks!

Recently, I’ve started to read more audiobooks and it’s been a nice with the Oasis. Sure, I nearly NEVER use the Oasis for actual audiobook reading (I don’t use bluetooth headphones very often and there’s no headphone jack), but the thought that it’s there makes me a bit happy. It’s something that’s different and something I quite appreciate having around. Audiobooks do take up a lot of space, though, so the chances that I’ll start reading them off of the Oasis is slim, but it’s there and it’s a nice little feature.

Bath time!

Okay look. I have no plans to yeet my $250 device into the pool, shower or pull any romantic, candlelit reading sessions while bubble-bathing, but it’s nice that if I were to accidently spill a glass of water on it, there’s a good chance my Oasis is going to be okay. I believe the newer Paperwhite version is waterproof too, but I got mine back in 2014 and it’s the older Paperwhite device. I’m not too certain that one is waterproof in anyway.

Warm light and night reading

I will say, after I got my Paperwhite, eye strain was never a real issue (ever), but even in this minor area, I did notice that I enjoyed the warm yellow-ish tone that the Oasis gives out. It’s a little more soothing than the white, but again, after I really get into a book, lighting is the last thing on my mind. 10 minutes in, both lighting becomes a lost thought to me and they’re equal in class.

The buttons are a YES. The design is a…maybe.

When it first came out, both the first Oasis generation and the current 2 talked about the design of the Kindle Oasis; that weighed part where the device rests on your palms gliding down to a much thinner portion…I thought it was a neat idea. A lot of reviews remarked about how while it looks awkward, it did feel pretty nice because of the weight distribution. Personally, with or without a case, the uneven curvy designs didn’t really matter to me,

Once, I held my Oasis a little too lightly, tilted my hand and the whole thing flopped OUT of my hand (thankfully to my bed and blankets below). I had thought the weighted side was supposed to prevent this, but nah. All it did was help it catapult out of my hands while I made a literal 😳 face.

(It feels a lot less awkward when I’m reading on my side, laying down, though).

But the buttons! Oh…I…love it so so much. I toggled around the layout but eventually found that the default top[next] / bottom[back] worked best for me. With my right hand, it’s nice to be able to both tap on the right screen or the buttons to move on. With my left hand, it’s nice to be able to read (even if I can’t tap the screen as well with my left) it’s still nice to be able to switch back and forth.

And not to mention the auto rotate! Bedtime reading has never been so nice!

The one I carry out with me

Is my Paperwhite…

The oasis, as nice as it is, I enjoy reading it at home, particularly in bed. But with the battery life, I much rather carry my Paperwhite around. I could forget it for weeks in my purse, and it’ll still be a fine ol’ device. While I enjoy the bigger screen, the rectangular shape of the Paperwhite always feels like just a tad easier and less awkward to carry around in a purse than a square.

I’d have to hand it to the Paperwhite on this one.

At the end of the day…

I love both my devices; my old dog of a Kindle Paperwhite (yes yes technically young or at least “in it’s prime”) is less awkward to carry around in my purse. If I don’t grip it well enough, the Oasis can catapult out of my hand because of the weird weight distribution AND even with a matte skin on, it’s still pretty slippery. I’m not fond of popsockets either, so no point there. Between the both of them, one falling out my hand in a crowded subway during rush hour is much more of a nightmare than the other. Not to mention the battery is far poorer in the Oasis than the Paperwhite.

Still, I do love all the shiny new features that the Oasis comes with that my Paperwhite doesn’t have. I quite like the new sleek glass screen and metal body compared to the old beveled plastic (though, it only adds to the nightmare were it to fly out my hand). I love that there’s a bluetooth feature were I ever to want to listen to audiobooks off my Oasis. I love that it’s waterproof and despite not considering a bath time read, it’s nice to have at least one device in the household that I have feel relieved leaving it next to a glass of water. The lighting is warm and the buttons are a great additional touch. There’s a lot to love about the Oasis…but I’m grateful that my Paperwhite still works well enough on its own. Even if one beats the other in certain categories, each e-reader has its own joys, especially now that the Paperwhite has a much better upgrade compared to my older Paperwhite version, bringing it to a closer par at a lower price.

So at the end of the day, I love them both!

Thanks for stopping by and reading πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “My Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite

  1. I absolutely love my Oasis… but yes the battery life does indeed suck. So when this 2 year old Oasis no longer fits my needs (which means will no longer hold a charge or goes wanky and dies)… I’ll be going back to the Paperwite.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True that. It’s not something I can really keep replacing if the battery becomes a problem. I love mine to bits, but unless something happens with the battery, there might not be a second time ahhaha. Thanks for the read!


    1. My Fire is nice too, especially seeing the color covers, yellowish background and continuous scroll, but it’s a tad too slow for my liking. Love my Oasis, but if it dies, I think the next Paperwhite might be more budget friendly for me. Thanks for the read!


    1. The Oasis is a little pricey (heck even for me) but you can always give the Kindle Paperwhite a go. I think sometimes it goes down to $99 or $110? Half the price with all the fun stuff still there minus some buttons! Thanks for the read!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I usually do my ebook reading on my phone – even though I have a big screened phone it still seems too small at times. I’ll keep my eyes open for sales πŸŽ‰

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love my phone Kindle, but requires more charge than the Kindle. Good luck! I hear there’s a “prime day” coming up? Also Black Fridays πŸ˜‰


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