2020 Wrap Up

It’s nearly New Year’s and I almost didn’t meet my Goodreads challenge (again!). Just as I did the last two years, I waited until the last possible minute to finish up my reading goals. There was that one year that I finished my last book with minutes to midnight! 

This year has been an amazing reading year. I’m a very slow reader with 1 book a month being a major achievement.

In 2018, I tried to kick-start my reading hobby by setting up a goal to have my Goodreads challenge match the last number of that year: I was to read 8 books in 2018 and 9 books in 2019. In 2020, I didn’t want to make that jump from 9 to 20 books so I had started off with 10 books. Starting my blog in April seemed to have been the magical cure in motivating me to read just a little more because I eventually changed my goal to 20 after easily surpassing 10.

Ta-Daaa! And that’s 20!

It’s been a fun year! Last year, my books had been strictly fantasy and mystery-thriller with a single sci-fi thrown in. This year, I took a peek and fell in love with several new genres. I gave women’s fiction, contemporary romance, military thriller, legal thriller, nonfiction (autobiography > memoir), and even children’s books a try!

A huge shoutout to the amazing book community. I wouldn’t have made it if I wasn’t swimming in bookish content like I was. Nothing motivates you more than a community whose always talking about reading. Until next year, folks!

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