Favorite Things About Book Formats

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Every now and then, I come across a question or poll about readers’ favorite reading format (Physicals [HC v. PB] , Digital, or Audio) and while my eyes tell me that hardcovers are the prettiest and are my “favorite”, I often change my mind as soon as I get in bed with one of those awkward cement blocks.

So I figured it’d be fun to make a post about my favorite things about each of the formats, because I love them all.

I hope you enjoy the read with my latest music [genre] obsession: electro-swing music.

HardcoversThe durable, weapon of choice, tomes of joy

They are heavy. Some are so big you could probably kill someone with it.
They make your bookshelf look cool.
They feel nice to hold and they look nice.
Carrying them around makes me feel like a badass mage holding a magic tome.

Hardcovers are one of my favorite book formats. To me, a hardcover just completes the reading mood (especially when sitting down with a nice warm cup of tea or coffee).

They tend to fair a lot better after a reading (or several re-reads). They’re more durable from the cover to their pages and the durability of my books are pretty important to me when I’m considering a format for physical. I’m pretty rough with my things and (until recently) I’ve never heard of protective booksleeves.

During my latest move, upsettingly, some of the paperbacks were damaged, with covers and pages being creased. One book’s spine was so bent it looked like someone had taken the book, slammed the corner against a wall, and the wall won (tragic). It’s nice to know that, despite not being completely accident proof, at least I have less to worry about when it comes to damages.

Paperback When the brick of a hardcover just won’t fit in your purse

I love hardbacks for all of the above reasons, but it’s hard to go about town with a brick in your purse. Occasionally, my current reads is a thinner hardcover, but most of the time, none of my hardcovers would fit in my purse. I don’t head out to errands with a backpack (I’ve been pickpocketed before so I’m wary about wearing bags behind me where I can’t see or feel the zipper opening).

This is where paperbacks come in. Cheaper than hardcovers and far lighter, I love paperbacks for their price and portability. Sometimes, I can’t even find the books I want in hardcover; they are print only as paperbacks! There’s often a range of PBs too from your normal sized PB to its mass market edition. If one doesn’t fit, maybe the other would.

Digital When your 10 physicals won’t fit in your suitcase, but thousands can fit in your pocket.

I can read it in bed while laying on my side; only one hand is needed to turn the page.
I can easily shuffle through dozens of books until I find the one I feel like reading for the day (when mood reading).
The soft glow won’t disturb your roommates or partner.
You can read anywhere; grocery line, laundry mat with no seats left, and even when on vacation overseas while visiting family and not having the wifi to toy with your game apps.
The ability to build vocabulary on the go…without a massive physical dictionary!

When I went on a family vacation to visit my hometown (and family living there) in Hong Kong two-ish summers ago, my family didn’t buy any crazy phone plans and I ended up with one of those phone chips with a very low internet and service cap. Naturally, trying to conserve my phone’s data and reserving it for emergencies only, I had nothing left but my Kindle (I didn’t even bring any gaming consoles) and that’s what I did for the entire month. My Kindle (lovingly named Teddy) saved me when I had absolutely nothing to do while waiting for the rest of the family to finish their looooonnngg shopping trips at the shopping centers.

I ate through several books for the weight of one of them.

AudiobooksBooks on the go!

I don’t read a lot of audiobooks. Sound is something I always put as background noise when I’m working and so I quickly zone out when listening to audiobooks. However, of the few that I have read, I can safely say that audiobooks take the throne when multitasking or when I’m in a situation where I can’t read (packed trains, on a walk/run, etc.)

Sometimes I’m just too busy to fit reading into my schedule, whether it’s before or after work, but I often have time to catch up on books during my hour long lunch breaks. I no longer carry books to work, opting to go on a walk instead, so that I’m not stuck in a working environment for 9 hours straight. It’s pretty hard to read words on the go so audiobooks are quite handy during those afternoon strolls!

Audio books are also perfect when I’m not doing word related tasks like drawing and sketching or outlining my bullet journal for the week.

10 thoughts on “Favorite Things About Book Formats

  1. My favorite format is hardcover, but if the book is only available in print as a paperback, I’ll take it. I’m OK with eBooks and audiobooks, but they aren’t my favorite.

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    1. I always assumed that HC were always more expensive than PB. until I went to preorder a book and the PB was more than twice the HC price O_O


  2. I feel like the minority but HC are my least favourite 😬 I love the convenience of all the others and I ADORE the worn look love and devotion does to paperbacks. If everyone loved the same thing life would be a lot less interesting. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know of a few people like you! The yellowing pages, the worn covers, the well loved books. True that. Love different things and make the world a rainbow of opinions. Thanks for the read and comment ❤


  3. This was an amazing post and I loved reading your thoughts on each book format. I love all formats too, my favourite is definitely hardbacks, but I like different formats for different genres. And I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one who zones out while listening to audiobooks aha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading ❤. Oh yeah, I think the only time I don’t zone when listening to audio books is when I’m drawing. My focus is best when there’s nothing else in my mind besides, “Straight lines…texture…texture…shading…”

      Liked by 1 person

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