This or That Book Tag

Thank you Cassie for tagging me in the This or That book tag! It was such a fun tag and a great to end my weekend! Please take a look at her blog too because she’s awesome πŸ’“

β˜† Rules β˜†

  • Mention the creator of the tag (A huge thank you to Ayunda, over at @ Tea and Paperbacks, for creating this!)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you! Thank you Cassie! Go shower her blog with lots of love too!
  • Tag 10 other people to do the tag and spread the love!

β˜† Reading on the Couch or on the Bed? β˜†

I can’t read on any soft surfaces/furniture. I slowly get sleepy and never get anywhere. The best place for me to read is at my desk with a cup of tea and my book on the table. If I had to choose though, it’d be the couch. I will fall asleep if I read in bed.

β˜† Sweet or Salty Snacks While Reading? β˜†

I don’t like to eat while reading, mainly due to getting sticky sweets or oily foods all over my books. If I do have snacks with me, I tend to pop one in my mouth and not stop until the whole plate’s wiped clean before I even get a chapter in (heehee oops?). However, since I do drink tea while reading, sweets tend to pair better with it. Chocolate covered almonds are a perfect treat!

β˜† Trilogies or Quartets? β˜†

Unless it’s a series with a case by case plot (like most police procedural or mystery/crime thriller series), I tend to get bored. Quartets are a bit too long because most of the time, I’m already “series fatigued” by the end of book two so a trilogy is just right.

β˜† First Person or Third Person POV? β˜†

Third. If I had to pick and read only one POV for the rest of my life, I’d still go with third.

β˜† Night or Morning Reader? β˜†

On weekdays, I don’t have the time to read in the morning and on weekends, I’m too busy catching up on precious Zzzs to read in the morning. I’m a zombie before my coffee and by the time breakfast is done with, it’s closer to noon or afternoon so reading then wouldn’t count. I’m definitely a night reader.

β˜† Libraries or Bookstore? β˜†

I prefer bookstores. Barnes and Nobles (at least the ones I’ve been to) all have coffee shops in them so I can grab a drink and start making my way through all of the aisles. I love their clearance sections where I can find all sorts of genres just thrown into one shelf/cart and you’re introduced to new things. They usually have a journal, bookish goods, toys, writing, and gift areas too. I do love my local library though, because in bookstores, I feel the pressure that I NEED to buy something if I spend so long in the store versus a library, I can spend it reading my own book and leave not feeling guilty for staying for a spell. Still, I prefer bookstores because they’re just so magical.

β˜† Books that Make you Laugh or Make you Cry? β˜†

I’ve read books that have given me a good chuckle and books where I cried from the first to the last page. I like the laughing books more. Sad books make me sad.

β˜† Black or White Book Covers? β˜†

I like my shelf in a rainbow 🌈

β˜† Character Driven or Plot Driven? β˜†

Both are important, of course, but I find myself way more invested in the characters than in the plot. Which is why I love fanfictions so much. So long as the writers keep everyone in character, I love seeing them in an array of different settings and alternate universes, not just the original main plot (coffee shop AUs anyone?)

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    1. Of course, no problem at all πŸ’“
      I love a good plot, but great characters help make the book so memorable! They carry on in fanfictions and fanart far after the series ends

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