This Week in Reading

[08.17.2020] >> Busy Weekends, Reading Slumps, and New August TBR Addition

I’ve been reading “The Milan Job” in pieces throughout last week and managed to get through 50% of the book just by occasionally glancing at my phone [on a mobi reading app] throughout the day at work. It feels like nothing major MAJOR has happened just yet so I’m intrigued on what the remaining 50% has in stock for me. So far, I’m impressed and I have quite a lot of thoughts on the book already, but more on that for the actual review. I had saved this weekend to finish up the book, but things got extra busy on my end for both Saturday and Sunday…I think I need a break from my break 😂

WoT has been on the back-burner for a couple of weeks now…I hate that it’s giving me the slumps because I was just so excited to get into this series. I’ve seen this book mentioned on countless forums, booktweets, and on booktube as one of the “must reads” of fantasy. When I got the notification that it was ready for pick up at the Amazon Locker, I jumped up and rushed out to grab it. I don’t hate the book in any way and I’m actually adoring the writing style so I can’t figure out why I’m so…stuck…
The formatting (mass market paperback) might be a contributing factor to why I’m having such a hard time with “The Eye of the World” or maybe it’s because I’ve been simply too busy to read a physical book, but whatever the case…I’m hoping to get the train rolling again soon.

Lastly, I have a new addition to my August TBR list, “The Existence of Amy” by Lana Grace Riva! The author had reached out to me, via email, a little while back to see if I was interested in reviewing the book (I said yes) and the book arrived about a week ago. I’m so excited to read it. WoT has been my only physical book since Reaper: Drone Strike back in May (…wow!) and being a Mass Market Paperback…the font is so small and crammed together that when I opened up “The Existence of Amy” my first impression was “Wow I love the font” :’). I’ll make a separate reading update post about the book once I get started on it.

Any hoots…I am getting restless and pumped to read again so I’m hoping this upcoming and brand new week is the one to break me out of reading slump jail!

Toodles my sleepy peeps…keep cozy and keep sipping tea.
Remember to stay hydrated!

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