This Week in Reading

[08.05.2020] >> Windy Days, Kindle Collections, and Steampunk Reads

This week is already exciting. It’s one of those week where you can just feel something good is about to happen! And for once, I didn’t end my [walking] commute from work drenched in sweat because it’s extra humid and/or extra hot outside. While the ground was a sea of tree limbs, due to the tropical storm during the afternoon, my evening walk was actually very nice and a bit breezy (the better description would have been “it was extremely windy” and “my hair looked like a dust bunny by the time I got home” but shhh).

Over the weekend, I discovered something called “Collections” and I never knew this?!???? Apparently, you can create little folders in your Kindle either directly on the device or on your Amazon account settings and you can basically sort and categorize all the books you have on your Kindle into its own collection folder. It’s still a mess with some folders being genres “contemporary,” some being series names “Shattered Sigil” while others are author names “Sandford.” BUT! at least my Kindle library is no longer a random pile of different books sitting next to each other with endless scrolling through the pages to find a single title (and you all know just how SLOW e-readers can scroll sometimes…)

My current read for this week is, The Milan Job by Krista Cagg. It’ll be my first book tour and I’m extremely hyped for this book. I don’t recall ever having read a Steampunk book…but it’s a genre I’ve always wanted to read. I just didn’t know how to break into that world since I’m so extremely picky with my reads…

I usually have a set format for my “currently reading” posts which is basically a post with a book cover, the description, the summary and how I came across that book. Then I realized that I pretty much rewrite the same sections during my reviews and figured I’d try something new, with my “currently reads” posts, in the form of “weekly reading [diary] entries.” One of my favorite gaming guide websites posts weekly newsletters which involves her talking about her personal garden and life but also talks about that week’s gaming news (for that game series) and I thought, “I’d love to do a weekly post with a bit of life and a bit of books!”


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