Current Reads [07.28.20]

*Chugs enough caffeine to overdose on*

Usually on Fridays, I treat myself to a little drink (either Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Bubble Tea) as a “Good job for surviving your hectic work week” but the last few Fridays had involved lots of rain and I rather not trudge out into chilly mushy wetness just to grab an iced drink when I’m already cold and drenched enough. Today during break, I finally returned victorious with a medium cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee ready to deal with more work.

I’ve been thinking about this drink all weekend and I’ve never been more excited for Monday to roll around than today. Thanks coffee.

July Reading Goals: 3 books
Current Count: 2 books read, 2 books in current reads

I had the perfect plan at the beginning of the month; I would read two smaller books (200-300 pages each) and have the remaining days in July to get through WoT. I picked up and finished the 2 smaller books (“An Invisible Client” and “The Family Journal”) and indeed had plenty of time to tackle the first book of The Wheel of Time, “The Eye of the World.” I can power through contemporary fiction (and mystery thrillers) in days but when it comes down to epic fantasies, it always takes me almost a month (sometimes more!) because I just want to enjoy and slowly let the tour bus and guide cruise me through the worlds; “And here, to your left, you will see the colors worn by the men of this village, but only during festivals! To your right, you will see lots of braid tugging ladies and in some places, braided hair means you’re of marriageable age.” I had gotten through the first half of my plan and I was perfectly on track until my train derailed down a small canyon and currently awaiting the SOS of an air rescue team.

So I picked up a 4th book off of Netgalley (because that’s the logical thing to do when behind on reading). Don’t get me wrong, WoT has been amazing so far. It’s engaging and I’m capable of following the events; I’m not feeling lost like I do with some fantasy books that just drop you in the middle of nowhere with just a granola bar of information to keep you company. In just the first few chapters I can see why there’s a lot of love to the series, but the book I had nabbed off Amazon was the mass market paperback copy; ~800 pages of small print squeezed into a 4.2 x 7.5 inches book; it was a brick…and bricks don’t fit into my work purse. No WoT during breaks for me (which is the most mentally active point of my day as I tend to leave work pretty tired) :[

Most likely WoT#1 won’t be making it into my July wrap up. But hey! No rush! I’m liking the book too much (so far) to rush through it only to hate myself for rushing through a book and barely knowing what happened. If I don’t meet my July goals, so be it! No need to turn a hobby into another piece of anxiety inducing deadline, right?

My latest/new current reads is:

53578518. sy475
Cover from Goodreads

Book Name: The Adventures of an Air Force Medic
Series: [Standalone] Book # N/A
Author: Dave Ives
Book Type: Ebook > Doc (Netgalley)
Obtained: Netgalley > Read Now
Pages: ~416
Genre: Fiction > Historical Fiction, Romance
Start Date: 07.22.2020
End Date: 07.31.2020

I went on NG to look for a book that could serve as a more portable way to get my reading done; to hopefully meet my July reading goals. I would have something fun to do during the hour on break and then I would have another fun little something to look forward to when I get home! Nothing was sparking my interest until I hit this one and I think it was the title that drew me in and then the cover that solidified my decision. I was expecting a quick and easy read (200-300 pages), not realizing it’s a 400+ page book, but so far I’m adoring it! It’s written in a very easy to digest way without fancy words or overcomplicated plots. The writing is humorous and I’ve had a good few laughs already, so I’ll be looking forward to the rest of it soon.

2 thoughts on “Current Reads [07.28.20]

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  1. This is a great post! I don’t read enough. In fact, I read more eBooks and blog posts that I do actual books. I think I should get back into it! I hope you managed your monthly goal 🙂

    Love, Em x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much 🥰 I did, in fact! I love ebooks! They are very portable and easy to pull out!


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