Favorite Series (Including Trilogies)

First and foremost…I still have yet to finish a whole series of anything. This includes books, tv shows & movies, and video games. I have not even finished the bare minimum of a series; trilogies or even books with a single sequel! But for those I’ve read multiple books to a series of, here are a few that are amongst my favorites! Especially useful after extinguishing the last of books I have on hand. Whenever I’m stuck on my next read, I simply pick up the next book in a series and roll with it. Sometimes, these books are the rewards to myself for finishing a book I almost DNF’ed.

Dark of the Moon (A Virgil Flowers Novel, Book 1) by [John Sandford]

The Virgil Flowers Series
By: John Sandford
Latest Book in Series: Book # 12 [Bloody Genius]

My favorite series is the Virgil Flowers Series.

This series follows the protagonist, Virgil Flowers, otherwise known as “That Fucking Flowers.” He is an agent for the BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) of Minnesota. Thrice divorced and not willing to make himself a fool a fourth time, Virgil has a penchant for sleeping around with the ladies while on cases; sometimes with the local female deputies, sometimes even with key witnesses or potential suspects! Described as a medium-tall man with gray eyes and blond hair too long for a cop’s, he could pass as a surfer and is often seen with his t-shirts featuring indie rock bands, rather than a suit. He never carries his arms with him unless he finds it absolutely necessary. He’s an outdoors man who likes to tow his boat with him, even when on duty. Virgil has a side gig writing and photographing for outdoor magazines. He works under Lucas Davenport, who is the protagonist of John Sandford’s main series.

Theft of Swords, Vol. 1(Riyria Revelations) (Riyria Revelations (1 ...

The Riyria Chronicles and The Riyria Revelations Series
By: Michael J. Sullivan
(The Riyria Chronicles consists of 5 books, 5th not yet published and Revelations consisting of 6 books published in 3 volumes).

My first high fantasy series! I can’t even recall exactly where I got my first book, only that I fell in love with the book’s two protagonists: the warrior turned mercenary, Hadrian, and his partner in action, Royce. It didn’t occur to me that there were two related series (I always just referred to them as the Riyria series) and ended up all over the place reading a book from Chronicles, then moving to a random book in Revelations, and then back to a Chronicles book, etc. My first book was Volume 1, “Theft of Swords”, which contained both “The Crown Conspiracy” and “Avempartha” where we have Hadrian and Royce pair up to steal a sword owned by Count Pickering, only to find the dead body of the King and subsequently framed for his murder. The dynamic between Hadrian and Royce fit so well together, despite their opposing personalities; Hadrian, who has a strong moral sense and Royce, a professional thief and the orphan who grew up in poverty. Truthfully, I need to return to this series that I keep throwing out to people (I’ve successfully reeled in 1 new reader so far), because I, myself, have forgotten a lot of the content.

The Whitefire Crossing: The Shattered Sigil, Book One: Courtney ...

The Shattered Sigil Series
By: Courtney Schafer

Ah, my first triology and the closest I have ever gotten to finishing a series. Having read books 1 and 2, I just need that one last spark of motivation so I can finish this one off and officially say that I have finished something, yeah?

This trilogy follows the adventures of main characters Kiran and Dev, as well Cara, who becomes more and more important later into the triology. Dev is a charms smuggler with the perfect cover job as an outrider, a guide who helps scout out better and safer routes through the treacherous Whitefire Mountains for merchants and their caravans. An expert climber, Dev’s new smuggling assignment, this time around, is quite different than his previous simple smuggling of charms. This time, he needs to smuggle a person, Kiran. Kiran is on the run from his master, one of the most powerful mages out there, a bloodmage. He will do whatever it takes to get away and take refuge in Alathia, where his master’s magic can’t reach him. However, the way there…is long, hard, and full of dangers.

Curiously enough, Dev’s chapters are always written in first person, while Kiran’s are written in third person. The first two books were fantastic and fast paced. I got through book 1 in a few days, though book two dragged a little bit more (for me). There isn’t much traditional “fantasy” in this other than the lore and laws of the world. There is Ninavel, the country where magic is quite common and then Alathia, the country where magic is mostly prohibited and outlawed. No orcs and elves here…but expect a lot of climbing techniques, terminology, and imagery. The author knows her stuff when it comes to climbing!

Prince of Fools (The Red Queen's War): Lawrence, Mark ...

The Red Queen’s War Series
By : Mark Lawrence

Another exciting trilogy, this one follows the adventures of Prince Jalan and the Norse Warrior, Snorri. I’ve only read the first book and the first few chapters almost had me DNF this book only for it to pick up pace towards the middle. I ended up absolutely loving this book and the characters, especially Jalan. A drinker, gambler, and seducer of women with extraordinary…luck? (I wouldn’t quite call it luck honestly).

Prince Jalan is one of the sparse few people who can see the Silent Sister. When he manages to just barely make it out alive from a death trap created by the Silent Sister, his life is, very literally, intertwined with the warrior, Snorri. Snorri fights for revenge, for vengeance, and he travels so that he can rescue his wife, taken from their home after their village is pillaged and Snorri (and the other warriors) left for dead. Jalan is the biggest coward on the face of [that] earth with such surprising luck in which each time he runs away from a situation, it always somehow makes it look like he’s a hero. I don’t understand it. It’s just hilarious. He’s known to go berserk and blank out when he desperately needs it. For others, these bursts of power indeed makes him look like he’s the almighty warrior and not Snorri. But Jalen doesn’t know that, he just remembers blanking out and thinking Snorri did all the work :’)

One last remark, Mark’s writing is fantastic. The pace is smooth and written in an easily digestible way. Jalen is a smart-ass and the words are crafted perfectly. It’s humorous, fun to read, and flows very nicely.

And that’s four! There were a few other series that I loved based off a few books, but I just don’t know enough about them or their characters to fully judge. I mentioned how Sandford is my favorite author and his other series, the Prey series (Otherwise known as the Davenport series) is also one I like, but I’ve only read the first book and currently reading a second book and haven’t made a proper judgement yet. So here below are my honorable mentions:

Amazon.com: Rules of Prey (The Prey Series Book 1) eBook: Sandford ...

The Prey Series
By: John Sandford
Lucas Davenport is an agent of the BCA. He’s pretty up there in ranks and is Virgil Flower’s boss.

Promise of Blood (The Powder Mage Trilogy (1)): McClellan, Brian ...

The Powder Mage Triology
By: Brian Mcclellan
When steampunk meets fantasy!

29588376. sy475

The Gentleman Bastard Series
By: Scott Lynch
Elite con artists of a tight-knit group. I cried during the first book.


The Legends of the First Empire Series
By: Michael J. Sullivan
A separate series by Michael Sullivan following the adventures of Raith.

Postmortem (1) (Kay Scarpetta): Patricia Cornwell: 9781439148129 ...

The Kay Scarpetta Series
By: Patricia Cornwell
The series starts off with Dr. Kay Scarpetta being the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia.

34419392. sy475

The Montague & Strong Case Files Series
By: Orlando A. Sanchez
When the detective world meets the paranormal.

Amazon.com: Killing Floor (Jack Reacher) (9780515153651): Child ...

The Jack Reacher Series
By: Lee Child
A crime thriller series following Jack Reacher who roams the US taking on odd jobs and investigating suspicious incidents. Carries nothing on his person besides what can fit in his pockets. He hates suitcases.

Photo Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine! I got them all off Google which usually shows me a cover of the book either based off of Goodreads or Amazon. I am not associated or affiliated with either of them.

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