Welcome to Cozy with Books!

It’s a pleasure to have you here! Grab a mug of whatever is your choice of beverage (my go-to is tea!), your favorite book, and let’s get reading!

I’ve been reading a lot more now. While I used to read tons and eat through every book that came my way, once college came (and went) all my free time dwindled down to nothing. What could have been leisure time was spent on studying and eventually hunting down a job. And once the job was secured? It was all work and no play.

I’ve managed to carve out more time now. Lunch breaks were spent in the library over books (my co-worker ends up there too!). Kindles were especially useful when afternoon commutes were too crowded for a tome (I enjoy hardcovers quite a lot). The Kindle app on my phone was perfect for that way too long grocery store line.

I want to thank all of the authors who gave me a wonderful childhood, for all of the authors, whose books I read now, my thanks for keeping a little television in my head no matter where I go (Kindle sure saved my behind when I was bored out of my mind for a month with no internet during my family Hong Kong trip).

So here I am! Welcome to Cozy with Books! I can’t wait to share my favorite reads with you!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Cozy with Books!

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    1. Nothing like a good book! It’s a great way to destress after a long work day or to kick back and relax on the weekends!


    1. Thank you! I’m still trying to navigate this platform (ahhaha). I look forward to seeing more of your posts too!

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