Month: April 2020

Would You Rather Book Tag

Happy Book Tag Thursday! I was tagged in the "Would You Rather" book tag by Ashlee from Books are 42 (thank you!). I figured that work is snail slow so...why not! It's my first book tag and I enjoyed and had fun answering these questions! THE RULES Answer the questions given to you by your … Continue reading Would You Rather Book Tag

Favorite Series (Including Trilogies)

First and foremost...I still have yet to finish a whole series of anything. This includes books, tv shows & movies, and video games. I have not even finished the bare minimum of a series; trilogies or even books with a single sequel! But for those I've read multiple books to a series of, here are … Continue reading Favorite Series (Including Trilogies)

Awakened [Book Review]

I received this book from a Goodreads Giveaway set up by Harper Voyager. The opinions of this review are of my own and are my fair and honest opinion. Book Name: Awakened (A Novel)Series: Awakened Book: #1 (has a sequel)Author: James S. Murray with Darren WearmouthBook Type: Physical > HardcoverPages: 283Genre: Sci-Fi, Fiction, Thriller, Horror I actually read this book sometime last … Continue reading Awakened [Book Review]